Coffee & Nitro Kind of Day

We had a great Essential Oils 101 class last night. It was a lot of fun. We had a good turn out and it was great to “see” old friends and new faces. I thought the online format would be a little impersonal, but it really was a great way to get together with those who couldn’t get out or lived far away.

Well, I kind of thought all of this crawling these babies were learning to do would wear these babies out? I even told Rebecca, watch them sleep like rocks until the morning! Bahahaha! “Yeah, right!” the baby girls said! Evan slept like a champ…the other two…. well, not. so. much. That’s part of the territory and we are just drinking some great coffee and enjoying a quick Nitro. (Thank you Dustin, for making Mom a pic to share)!

ningxia nitro

That stuff is so yummy and it totally wakes up my brain without the jitters! It’s obvious the babies have enough stamina and energy for the day, don’t you think? (Remember, Emma is not big on smiling for the camera) 🙂 and please forgive the phone pics. I still need to find my camera battery charger!

Have a wonderful Weekend Y’all!!!

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