A Rare Moment


It is a rare moment when I can get all three babies together, all looking forward, and in focus! It will help when I find my battery charger for my Canon SLR, but until then, iPhone pics it is! This was last night before they went to bed. They are getting so big. Emma finally cut a tooth. Baby stats at 9.5 months:

Tooth count is… Emma-1, Eliana-2, and Evan-3!

Sleeping through the night…Emma and Eliana-sometimes up, but usually just for a paci replacement. Evan-sleeps all night!

Crawling…Fastest goes to Evan, most creative goes to Eliana, and most likely to get herself stuck goes to Emma

Sitting up…Eliana can sit on her own unattended, but hasn’t mastered getting back to all fours. Evan can for a bit. Emma? nah, too much work people.

They are starting the “I want your toy so I snatch it from you phase” They also LOVE LOVE LOVE music. Last night we had on some Johnny Cash and Evan really got into it don’t you think?




And finally, this Thursday I am hosting with my sister an online Essential Oils 101 class on FB!!  I’d love to send you an invite so you could learn about what these amazing oils have been doing for our family for the last 9 years! There are GIVEAWAYS!! We all love those!! So, why not come join the fun?? It’s this Thursday Feb. 19th at 7:00 p.m. CST. Comment below with your email address or click on the Facebook Button at the top of the blog and leave a message there and I will send you an invite!



Have a fabulous Monday Y’all!!!  —Shannon

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