Happy Gotcha Day/Transfer Day Babies!

One year ago today, our adoption of these three precious babies was finalized when the doctor transferred them into my womb. Rhea and I had flown to Knoxville, TN the day before in order to go to the National Embryo Donation Center for our Frozen Embryo Transfer. Only 3 days later would we find out by a home pregnancy test we were pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly, only 3 days. We knew this might mean more than one survived, but a couple of weeks later we saw on ultrasound that all three of our little ones had survived!

Here are our babies’ first photo all together. God is so amazing isn’t He? Three little lives growing quickly at 5 days gestation. IMG_0601.JPG
Here is our trio today at 4 months.

We love you sweet little ones!!

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