The Triplets are 4 Months Old

Yes, it’s been since May since I’ve posted! You can only imagine the level of activity in our home!
The babies bring such joy to our home. We just returned from our first trip with the whole crew. Rhea rented a beach house and we spent a week together with extended family and had such a great time. The babies are growing and doing well. They have their 4m check up next week and I will be able to share their new measurements. I’m curious to see where they are on the growth chart.

They are growing so fast. Emma and Eliana sleep through the night for the most part. Though the last couple of days they have been waking for pacis. Evan still believes he is a newborn, haha! He wakes 2x a night and takes full bottles! They are smiling, grabbing at toys on their activity mat, sucking on their hands, and the girls will “talk” to you if you are up for a conversation.

We have started homeschooling up full swing from a more relaxed summer study schedule. I’ve “scheduled” me blogging time. I want to record the memories and life tidbits from our home as they unfold. So, join me as I share life with 8 kiddos, big and small. Our life is full and we are blessed!
Below: Eliana, Emma, & Evan 4m old








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