Eliana 4/28/14




Today was Eliana day. Tomorrow she will be in phototherapy all day for jaundice. Today Evan was. So we spent lots of time with Eliana today cuddling, singing, feeding, diaper changing, and more cuddling.

I have had some complications that are now resolved and I am feeling much better. However, the doctor will be keeping me here an extra day or two to rest and truly recover from the c-section surgery and have time to spend with the babies and learn their routine. I have been down hard and haven’t been able to be with the babies much at all since they were born. Thankfully, Rhea has–and each baby has had lots of precious Daddy time!! Rhea jumped into the NICU routine while I was down and brought pics and reports and fed, diapered, and cuddled. I couldn’t be more in love with my husband and our new babies!!

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