I had a great OB appt on Friday. I received my 2nd and final steroid shot to speed up the babies’ lung growth (just in case). My BP and weight was on track. The u/s showed the babies were active and had strong heartbeats. I will get approx weights when I see the MFM next Wednesday.

My OB said that since all looked good for the babies, she would not be transferring me to the medical Center downtown! That means I can deliver when it’s time close to home!

My body is responding to the medication and contractions are very few and infrequent. However, since they increase when I am up and about, I am to stay on strict bed rest at home until delivery day or for Drs appts. only.

I have reactivated my FB page so if you would like to set updates there send me a friend request as I am updating there first and more often because of the ease of it. (Shannon Robison) However, I won’t post pics there but I will here.
We are praising The Lord for his protection over me and these babies. We pray they can continue to grow inside of me for weeks to come!

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