Well as I’ve shared before 28 weeks is another milestone marker. Friday afternoon I was having contractions that wouldn’t let up. After calling the doctor and following her instructions, The contractions continued and became a little more intense. So I was told to go to the hospital to labor and delivery. My sister happened to be in town for the weekend was able to stay here with the children. Rhea and I went and though I wasn’t admitted stayed for hours in the triage of labor and delivery. They gave me terbutaline injections a bag of IV fluids. The observe me and make sure the contractions render control before sending me home. We got back home a little after 1 AM on Saturday morning. I am on bedrest for the rest of the weekend and have a medication to take around the clock to keep the contractions at bay. I will talk to the OB in the morning to find out what the next plan is. I already have scheduled appointments for this week and next week with her and the MFM, but we will see if they want to move those up or not. It’s hard to believe we are getting so close and I still have so much to do. I am working on making a list of what is absolutely necessary to do in the next couple of weeks. Rhea is still coordinating and working on and also hiring help to finish closing in our garage to make extra room for our home. So I have been told in the next week or two that there will be contractors coming in and out to help he and the boys finish.
There’s a lot going on around here!

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