10w5d & Privacy Update

I had blood work on Tuesday and I am officially OFF Estrace and PIO shots!! I have been released from Dr. K and the NEDC. I am now officially in the care of my new OB and MFM.
I am still taking Zofran like candy and hoping that the nausea will ease up soon. : )

Wow! I have to say that our family was amazed to see so many people who want to follow our triplet journey and beyond. There was a time where we wanted traffic to spread the word of EA, but since announcing our triplet pregnancy, we have over 600 people looking at our posts.

It is hard to talk “freely” about our family and this pregnancy and I truly want this blog to be a journal of sorts of this time in our lives. It will share the ups and downs– the trials and the sanctification!

So out of the over 630 people who viewed our last post there are over 100 of you who have contacted me by email or commented on the post to follow us. Blogger will only take 100. So, my wonderful blog designer is in the process of moving our blog to WordPress. The domain name will remain the same. It will just switch over to a basic WordPress theme and I will post from there. When she is finished moving the blog over to WP, I will have to enter and invite all of you who have requested to continue following us.

So, we will be public a bit longer until all the details are finished. If you haven’t put your email address on the list, comment below or email me.

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