8w 3d

Well, never mind. The Unisom/B6 cure was only temporary…

I started Zofran yesterday. I am waiting for it to work. Dr. K had me start at 1/2 tablet every 8 hours and now that is upped to 1 tablet. We are praying this brings me some kind of relief so I can function even a bit, eat, and sleep. This by far is the worst I have ever been. I have never needed drugs.

I have my next u/s on Tuesday. My blood work is Monday. I am hoping my progesterone is through the roof and I can wean down/off this stuff. I know it is making me feel worse. I will be seeing the MFM for this u/s. I saw here a few times with my pregnancy with Sarah. We have a great relationship and I look forward to seeing her again.

Just wanted to pop in and say that I am still here and praying through this first trimester. Fall is my very favorite season and when people ask what is my favorite color, I like to say “fall”. I love all of the colors of fall. So, the cooler weather, the falling leaves and having days where I can wear sweaters are little blessings I love this time of year! Too bad my tummy couldn’t handle a Pumpkin Spice Latte this season. That’s okay. Peppermint Shake season at Chick Fil A is almost here!!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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  • I hope you feel better soon!

  • I hope the new med works!!! Can’t wait to read how much the babies have grown after your next u/s!!! Hugs!!!

    • I look forward to seeing our little ones too. Usually I am concerned and fight worry going into the early ultrasounds, but I am so sick I am not even worried this time! ; )

  • I so didn’t want to take meds with my 1st pregnancy, but after 2 ER visits for severe dehydration, I started on Zofran around the clock. Until week 17. (Not to discourage you- lol). And then I still needed it every morning for my entire pregnancy. If I didn’t take it before I got out of bed, I couldn’t keep any food down.
    However, my Leah is healthy, smart and full of personality- no negative effects here! Zofran was a miracle drug for me- so I pray that you find relief as well. Are you on the orally-dissolving tablets that you put under your tongue? Those worked way better for me than the ones you swallow- especially in the 1st trimester when I couldn’t keep them down.
    Praying for you!!

    • They have me on the swallow 8mg every 8 hours. With this last dose, I have stopped throwing up so far today, but am still nauseous and talking myself out of running to go! should I ask for the dissolving kind?

  • I hope that you get some relief soon πŸ™‚

  • Oh, how I do hope you get relief!

  • Hang in there! Praying you get some relief soon!

  • I hope you get some relief soon. I had a spell when I was pretty sick with the twins. I would see what they say about the dissolving kind. I found it nice not to have to swallow a pill.

  • I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat, Shannon! πŸ˜‰ Hope you feel better soon, hon’ !

  • Hi, I’ve been reading your blog since you started this successful EA πŸ™‚ Please check out the HG forums at http://www.helpher.org/forum3/. Whether or not you have HG, the ladies there understand 24/7 sickness. They are on meds, Zofran pumps, PICC lines, feeding tubes, etc. and have a lot of good advice and info about getting the care you need and possible side effects from different medications. Zofran often helps with the vomiting but not the nausea, which Unisom or another antihistamine is supposed to tackle. I took both for most of my pregnancy. I would chime in to add a demand for the dissolving Zofran tabs (although you can take pills rectally or vaginally with decent effectiveness). I’m sorry that your blessing-times-three is coming with such awful m/s.

  • Hi Shannon! We are in Homewood and are praying for your family! What a wonderful blessing! I thought I would pass along that during my pregnancies, I was prescribed suppository Phenergan. I would take 1/2 -1 and it wouldn’t take away the nausea but it took away the vomiting. I originally tried the Unisom / B6 and it was temporary as well. Swallowing anything didn’t go well. πŸ™ We will continue to pray for you and your sweet babies and family. Hope you find something that gives you a little relief.

  • Poor thing- must be awful! Hope you feel better soon!!

  • Not fun. But, at least babies are growing!

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