symptoms: no change. : )

Nothing new really. Waiting for our little old town pharmacy to find Estrace. It’s not like there is a shortage of it, but they act like it’s a controlled narcotic or something. They can “release” 20 tablets to me today and then I can call in for some more! lol!


This has been a lot longer it seems than the 2ww after the transfer? We have been praying that all three little ones have survived, but we know that the probability of that would be slim, BUT we also know our Lord is way beyond and way above statistics. All that said, what is your hunch (for fun of course)?

For review:

  • FET 1 hatching 6AA blast, 1 hatching 6BA blast, 1 expanding 3BC blast
  • 3dp5dt 1st +HPT
  • Beta 11dp5dt  829
  • Beta 13dp5dt  2,033

So what are y’all thinking? Singleton, Twins, or Triplets?

Wednesday morning is showtime!

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