Symptoms: The queasiness is here all day long. Smells of any kind can “get” me. It could even be a pleasant smell to most people, but to me these days, uh, no. Clothes aren’t fitting anymore.

I think it is official, last night will be the last time I handle, prep, or cook raw poultry until my second trimester when the morning sickness is gone. I couldn’t even eat the chicken soup that sounded so good before I started to make it. They all loved it and had seconds. Me? I ate cheese nachos.

I am going to try a few different remedies for the morning sickness this time around, but honestly, nothing has worked in the past. It is just part of the territory! : )

I will leave you with Sarah’s idea of a redneck stroller for her stuffed flamingo.

See what happens when I leave the room for a very short time??

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