Thank you for all the encouragement and letting me know you all are praying and thinking of us : )

I have no desire to test anymore. In fact, I think it will be difficult to even test the day of the Beta, yet I don’t want to hear the news over the phone? I have a few more days to think about it I suppose. ; )

Symptoms? Well, it is always so hard to tell between phantom progesterone induced symptoms and the real deal. We have had 4 FETs and all of them were very similar. The last two transfers I had a lot of phantom symptoms or maybe they were just exaggerated by the progesterone since I was indeed pregnant, but my betas were very low.

I do not remember having to go to the bathroom all of the time no matter if I was drinking a lot of water or not. I have to go all the time these last couple of days. The other symptom I do not recall having these last two transfers is a strong pressure/pulling feeling really low in front and in back. I have no cramping or AF-type cramping at all. Though, I looked these up and both of these can be progesterone side effects. So, really, I have no idea, but we know WHO does. I just will need to wait until Monday to find out.

I am hopeful. I mean really, a BFP on 3dp5dt? Y’all must think I am nuts to be nervous? However, this is the woman who has had 8 miscarriages. Fear is a struggle, but I am clinging to the Lord’s promises during this time.

Just thought I’d update y’all : )

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