TN… Here We Come!

It’s official! We fly to TN on Wednesday to adopt our babies! Our transfer will be on Thursday. We are so excited and so surprised. I was prepared for the doctor to cancel the transfer because the last two weeks my body didn’t seem to be responding to the meds. Well, everything seemed to check out great. The follicles were all gone except one that was just at a 4. My lining was 13.5 according to Katie, but the doctor here said it was 15. 13.5, 15, whichever, we are going to Knoxville! Hooray!! Praise the Lord! 

We are so excited to adopt more children out of their frozen state once again. We are so grateful to our Lord for His forgiveness, grace, and mercy He has showered us with. I start PIO on Sunday! 6 more days until transfer! 

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