June 7, 2014

Yes, I couldn’t resist. I had to look up my EDD for this transfer. 😉

June 7, 2014. It will already be hot here in Texas for the summer. But wait, we may be blessed with multiples! In that case, the chart says that twins would come around May 16th. Triplets you say? The chart says April 19th. So a spring or summer babies. I like the sound of that!

Oh and something really cool I found…The heart starts beating on the day of our first beta. So, there you go. If any doctor ever told you that you had a “chemical” pregnancy (I have had 2), you can share this with them. “Chemical” pregnancies are true pregnancies no matter what any doctor tells you. I always knew that, but when there is scientific evidence that the heart starts beating on CD30 with an Ovulation day of CD14… well, even a doctor who doesn’t believe life is at conception, can’t argue with science that says there is a beating heart on CD30! Gotta love this!!

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