Yee-Haw! May is here!

May is here and that means 20 more days until Rhea and I leave to fly to the NEDC once again in Knoxville, TN! I have my first blood draw and ultrasound tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. Dr. K’s nurse will call later tomorrow to let me know I am clear to start taking Estrace on Thursday. It’s already little blue pill time! : )
After I leave my doctor’s appointment in the morning,  I come pick up the kiddos and we are off to go help price items for the yard sale that our dear friends are giving for our adoption fund. It is supposed to rain on Thursday for day one of the sale, but who knows with all the kooky weather we have been having these days?
Oh, and exciting news here in the Robison house. We have one more licensed driver. Yes, Dustin passed his driving test today! 

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