Yard Sale Week Is Here

This will be one very busy week for our house! Today Rhea and the boys will leave late afternoon to go make pick-ups from 5-6  different homes to collect the furniture donations for the Yard Sale this week. We have previously scheduled appointments today and Wednesday. That leaves tomorrow to really get to sorting and pricing. It is supposed to rain most of the day on Wednesday, so truly, tomorrow is our pricing and sorting day. If you are reading this and live in our area we could definitely use some assistance with pricing items & sorting and hanging clothing on Tuesday/Wednesday. If you have the time to come help us Thursday or Friday during the sale, it would be most helpful.

We look forward to the coming week even with its busyness!! : )

Over the weekend, more eBay items sold and were packed and shipped. Our thermometer total is rising! We are now at $1,648! That means $5,752 to go : )

I will take some pics of our sorting and pricing time with our “little” helpers as we begin to dig into the clothes bags this evening. It’s about time I get some pics posted 😉

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