6 Weeks Old

Sweet baby girl turned 6 weeks today. We gave her a “checkup” and took all her measurements and plugged them into an online percentage calculator.

She weighs 12 lbs 5 oz               Length 23.5 in               Head circumference is 15 3/4 in

This puts her in the 95th+ percentile in all categories. Actually is off the chart in weight! As our extended family members have said…my body must make whipping cream for milk! The boys are off at the shooting range today. Us girls? We are backing up the 0-3 months clothes and unpacking the 3-6 month clothes. SHe has outgrown everything in her armoire.

13 Responses to 6 Weeks Old

  • Abel and Belle just graduated from newborn to 0-3 months! 🙂

  • Shannon, She is so precious! Look at her rolls on her arms! So yummy! Hugs to you all!

  • wow, 6 weeks already?! it feels like she was just born! love those stripes. she is a cutie!

  • That’s wonderful! I love the rolls on her arms and neck : ) God has been so kind to your family. All praise and glory belong to Him for this precious baby girl!

  • Wowser! What a big girl!! She’s so adorable!

  • Ohhhhhh my! She is a little piece of heaven, isn’t she? Love, love, love that double chin and chubby cheeks!

  • I love the chubby little arms!!! I *almost* bought that onesie last week at Target! 🙂

  • So glad she is growing so well. She’s the same size as Leland and he’ll be 15 weeks tomorrow!

  • She’s growing SO fast! And prettier by the day! 🙂

  • First thing I said when I saw this tiny miracle was that there’s my baby Dustin in girl form. Oh! How I will never ever get Dustin’s eyes and sweet, sweet character out of my heart those years at TWCA. He was a gift from God that year for me.

    I totally understand about Adoption, and how you cannot “feel” any difference from the others. I have NEVER ever had the desire to go search for anyone, because God had an amazing plan, and His plan was for me to be reaised and Loved by to wonderful parents, who did not have much, but loved Jesus. And they layed down their lives for me.

    I want to do something for this precious one and the other kids. Can you tell me something you ALL would enjoy? I’m asking-so you think. I love those kids and miss them so much. Don’t come by yet. I had a horrible fall at my house, dislocated my shoulder, tore my rotator cuff and bicept. Thank heavem for Dr. Hayes and his team. 10 days out of surgery-and yes I just had neck surgery!
    Has Dustin decided what he would like to do as far as staying home and helping Rhea with his busniess or college? I know sometimes plans change with illness.

    I love you. Thank you for my beautiful card. I am taking it up to the studio as so as I return. Please write me back. Have the kids says something. I miss Levi.

  • love love love that button nose!

  • She is absolutely PRECIOUS!! And I think those roly-poly little arms are proof that you make whipping cream! Nice work mama!
    Be blessed,

  • adoarble 🙂 so happy for you 🙂 write when you can.childofmyheart@aol.com or text 318 230 4343. I have unlimited.
    miss ya

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