She Does Look Like Her Oldest Brother!

After our sweet girl was born, Rhea commented on how much she looked like D-man when he was born. I did see the resemblance, but it wasn’t until after we brought her home and Rhea got out D-man’s baby pictures that we really saw it. You can judge for yourselves. Funny, an old friend, commented on yesterday’s post that she noticed the resemblance before I even mentioned it to you all! ; )

D-man 1 day old
Baby girl 1 day old

How about that! Now if she didn’t look a thing like any of us, we wouldn’t care. Our hearts explode with love for this sweet baby. There is not one ounce of difference in the love I have for this baby and the love I have for my biological children. She is part of me. This adoption experience went on the most windy road I ever thought possible, but Rhea and I still tear up at God’s goodness and love as He steered us to EA. I’d do it all again if I could, and who knows, maybe God will allow us to do it all again. We love you sweet girl!!

To God be the glory!

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