100 Days to Go & What I Have Been Sewing

Tomorrow marks 100 days until our due date! However, we already know that I will be having the baby sometime between mid and late August, so really we are closer than that for our baby’s birthday!!

BooBear and I enjoy sewing together (we are learning together and are both very GREEN beginners). We especially like to sew gifts for others when we have the opportunity. A friend of ours recently had a baby and I decided to sew some cloth wipes for the family. BooBear usually helps me, but she is busy sewing her little sister’s swimsuit to match hers that she recently finished. I will post pics of them together after Pookie’s suit is completed.

So, while BooBear was working on her project, I made these cloth wipes. My sister uses cloth diapers for her son and these are her favorite kind. I am not sure if this mother is using cloth diapers, but these cloths make great washcloths too.

First, I started with basic flannel, though I use decorative flannel when I can find it on a great sale.  I also use terry cloth. The idea is to have a large square 9″ x 9″ with one side with soft flannel and one side with terry (for those stubborn diaper changes). This is a large wipe that most daddies will appreciate and you can use one side, fold and use, and fold again, for a single diaper change. My sis keeps hers folded in a wipe warmer with a little bit of water and essential oils.

I cut my squares, matched right sides together, used a straight stitch, left an opening, trimmed excess fabric off seams and corners, turned the wipe right side out, pressed wipe with iron, and used a decorative zig-zag stitch around the edges. 

I then bundle them with a ribbon, enclose a card and pop them in the mail. This set is going to a new baby boy. The ribbon above is really lavender, but it showed up pink in the photo for some reason? For gifts, I use brand new flannel and terry. For the wipes BooBear and I are making for our little one, we are using old receiving blankets and worn out hand towels. It was fun to do these yesterday. As I sewed, I prayed for the family who will receive these, for their newborn son, and thanked God for the blessing of new life and for Him filling His children’s quivers!

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