That’s what our little one was playing today at the MFM appointment! Our baby is measuring right on schedule. There were no indications of any birth defects or health challenges. The MFM (who Rhea and I both loved) knew here stuff and we discussed my past thyroid challenges, my current APA/APS diagnosis, and what future visits were necessary. All in all, we could not ask for a better appointment and news. I will definitely be induced no later than 39 weeks, but I understand why and am quite comfortable with that decision. I return to see her in my 3rd trimester, but she told us she felt really good about everything and Rhea and I left on cloud nine!

Could the ultrasound technician tell if it was a boy or a girl? You betcha! Did Rhea decide at the last minute to go ahead and find out? Uh, not a chance! So, we will wait until our little one is born in August to find out if it is a girl or a boy.

After having so many miscarriages, I tell you what, I could have watched that screen with the beating heartbeat for hours. That alone was such a comfort. God has been more than gracious to our family and we are humbled.

BTW, In the past, with the black and white u/s photos, PookieBear told us that the baby must be scared since it was “so dark in there”. Today, with the amber u/s pictures, PookieBear said, “Look, the baby has mud all over it!”

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