More Changes

I spoke with the nurse & doctor at RE’s office today. Based on my estradiol level, I can officially stop wearing the estrogen patches. My progesterone was 20. Dr. M is comfortable with this level and I am to remain on the Crinone progesterone supplement and retest my level in 2 weeks.

Next, we discussed my ultrasound report from yesterday. He would like me to get into see an OB sooner than later. He said he would like my OB to evaluate the twin situation himself. Here are the reasons why:

  • sometimes my RE has seen a twin that is slower to grow, but catches up. He didn’t want us to get our hopes up, but wanted the OB to do his own ultrasound and determine what is going on with twin B.
  • Since I have APS, an autoimmune blood clotting disorder, my RE would like Baby B to be examined thoroughly by ultrasound and to check the blood flow/circulation to Baby A.
  • If twin B has stopped growing, more than likely my body will reabsorb the baby, but there is a chance I will experience spotting and possible bleeding. With me being on blood thinners, this could be a concern. Thus another reason for me to become an established patient with my new OB in case of an emergency.

I had an appointment scheduled for Thursday with the OB, but after the RE called, he suggested me going in tomorrow if possible. Dr. M (my new OB) was able to get me in tomorrow afternoon. Rhea will not be able to be with me for this appointment as he already had meetings scheduled tomorrow.

Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom regarding my pregnancy and for my all day morning sickness to be manageable for travel and during the appointment. Thank you everyone. I will update tomorrow as soon as I am able.

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