We are Home–4dp5dt

These are our new mugs for 2010 from Williams-Sonoma we purchased in November when we were at the flagship store in San Fransisco. We have been using them since before Thanksgiving!!

We are back home and one would think that after spending days of bed rest, I would be itching to get after my daily routine, but oh no, not this time! I woke up this morning feeling queasy. I made my self eat, but I feel icky. I never get stomach bugs, so I have no idea what is going on. It has stayed the same all day, no better-no worse. Just a BIT early for morning sickness, so who knows.

Rhea’s parents arrive for Christmas on Thursday and my father arrives on Friday. Rhea sent me back to bed with a big Christmas mug (see above)  of peppermint tea. I pray I will feel back to myself tomorrow : ) I am glad to be back home though!

The clinic’s nurse just called, my estrogen & progesterone levels from this morning’s blood draw are perfect. They said they will call me on the 27th after I get my PG test drawn. I have a 10:30 a.m. appt!

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