What’s Up With Pineapple?

I was going through notes/lists preparing to leave and I ran across a note I jotted down about eating pineapple before/after the transfer? Is this a myth or if not, how is the pineapple supposed to help? I have one here at the house to take. We eat pineapple anyway, I just was curious about pineapple & transfers!

BTW, today is the first day for me to do PIO shots 2x a day. I still struggle with these. I did my first Lovenox injection today and it was just fine! A little ice before/after and no burning or bruising! Now, off to organizing the packing…

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  • ha ha. that blasted pineapple. I think it’s a complete myth. our clinic had never heard of it. I think God is so much bigger than that — and you will be preggers regardless of whether you eat a pineapple core or not!

  • Ewww, I am supposed to eat the core? Uh, yeah, I think not!

    I totally agree, God is much bigger than the pineapple : ) (sorry that sounds a little Veggie Tale-ish)

    I love pineapple and eat it often. I think I will continue to toss the core though!

  • I’ve heard of the pineapple myth, but never done it. My acupuncturist had told me it’s good to have a warm uterus after transfer, so both with our first IVF cycle and this EA FET I drank hot/warm water following transfer the day of and next day while resting in bed. Not sure how much of a factor it played, but both times I’ve gotten a BFP! So warm that uterus!!!

  • Yep, it is supposed to be the core!! Good luck at your transfer!! I will be thinking of you!!

  • Well, I ate lots of pineapple just in case there was any truth to it! I can’t say whether it helped or not. I mean, I AM pregnant, but who knows how much that helped, if at all!

  • Let us know what you do! I’m thinking about pulling out all the stops next try. But we’ll see!I’m glad you’re planning alot of bedrest.

  • I ATE THE ENTIRE CORE! And I got pregnant. Doesn’t hurt. I FOUND THIS..

    Using Pineapple core to Assist Implantation: Pineapple contains bromelain. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks up proteins that inhibit embryo implantation. “Consuming a whole pineapple (focusing on the core as it has the highest concentration of Bromelain) during a fertility cycle can be beneficial.”

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