The 3 Day Yard Sale is Officially Over (total is now included)!

It is over. All is cleaned up. We took some VERY special friends to dinner to celebrate God’s gracious gifts. Rhea and the boys are out picking up the yard sale signs around the area.  Next? We will count all of the money God has blessed us with! Our goal was $2500. Update coming soon….

info added 9:30 p.m. Sat. :  Well it is all counted. After praying with tears in our eyes and praising God for His blessings of provision, friendship, and prayers & love from others, we are still trying to let this all sink in.

Our Goal: $2,500.00
Our total sales for 3 days: $2,767.00
Our total from the donation jar we had out during the sale: $ 176.00
Refund check received this weekend from the Houston doc who quit working with us: $300.00

Grand total God blessed us with this weekend: $ 3,243.00!! <-----Do you see that?? Do you see why we are in tears? We are joyful, humbled, exhausted (but a good tired), and on cloud 9 (wherever that is? we are there)!

We are mailing a check to Nightlight on Monday for $3,500. This is our final payment and our 5 little ones will be in Dallas so very soon. I start meds the first week of November. Our transfer will be in December and God willing, we will be giving birth to a child in August!

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