And We’re Off

Today as I was sorting through our master closet, getting “real” about what should actually remain hanging and what should be tossed in the garage sale pile, a friend knocked on the door. She brought her kiddos and our kiddos were happy to have a short break to visit with friends. She brought me the yummiest candle for my birthday. Guess what the scent is? Snickerdoodle! I told you it was YUM!

This same friend started thumbing through some of the kiddo clothes I was going to possibly put up on eBay and guess what? We have our first sale for our fundraiser!  God is providing for us one little step at a time. So, I must be diligent and get back to the closet.  Yes, I am gutting closets on my birthday. I am focused on another birthday for our little ones who are stuck in a freezer. I’ll post more a little later..

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