The Line for the Roller Coaster is at Least M-o-v-i-n-g

We are back from our trip and we had a great time with our friends. Besides Rhea having to take an unexpected business day trip to Miami (from Houston), all went quite smoothly.

As you know, our clinic here in Houston told us the day before we left for our trip that they would not be able to work with us. There were no exceptions to their policy that all “donated” embryos must have STD testing by the parents before or soon after retrieval. This was not the case with our 5 embies (from 1999 & 2000 IVF cycles). So, last week, while the older kiddos were out on the boat and I was at the condo while PookieBear napped, I talked to the clinic in Maryland where our little ones are currently residing. This is a MAJOR fertility clinic in that area. They have policies in place that will not allow us to have our transfer at their clinic either.

So, at this point, I contacted our agency and let our coordinator know that I needed her help in finding us a clinic that would take our embryos. She did just that and we don’t have to go far either. We are going to see Dr. M. in Dallas and I have talked on the phone several times already with the embryologist about our little ones special circumstances (4 of the 5 are at the morula stage).

Dr. M wants me to continue my mock cycle. We will extend it a few days allowing me to get to Dallas and have a full check, u/s, b/w, etc. while still on the meds this cycle. Next month will be a medicated cycle and then November will be the transfer cycle–probably the Friday before Thanksgiving week. I will have an exact date when I go for my appt.

So, the line for the roller coaster is moving and we are thrilled to be heading forward once again! Thank you for your encouraging comments on my last post. It was wonderful to come back in town and see my inbox full of “love”!

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