Our Embryos Are in Separate Straws?

Our embryologist asked if I could find out how our embryos were stored. I found out  from our agency yesterday that each of the 5 embryos is in its own individual straw. I forgot to ask the embryologist if this is a good thing or not? Do you gals know?

5 Responses to Our Embryos Are in Separate Straws?

  • It doesn’t matter either way. If you didn’t want to thaw all at once, it actually gives you more flexibility because you can go one at a time (they have to be thawed the same way they were frozen-ours are in pairs, so we’ll always thaw in increments of 2), but I’ve never heard of the number per straw affecting anything else about the process.

  • Yes this is normal. I believe that some of our straws have one, two, or three. Jen summed it up.

  • Yep…makes no difference except in how many you choose to thaw each time. If you had 2 or more frozen in the same straw, then you’d have to thaw all in that straw.

  • I think it’s just dependent on how that particular clinic freezes theirs. It shouldn’t make a difference on the quality of the embryos or how they’ll thaw.

  • By the way, did you get my email?

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