And They’re Off!



Just letting you know that the contract signature page and our check for $3500 are being mailed today.

Have a blessed day,
Rhea & Shannon 

Her speedy reply:

Thanks!  I will keep an eye out for it.  As soon as we have both signature pages I’ll let you know that shipping coordination has begun.


We’re one step closer to our 5 babies coming to Houston!

p.s. If you have been following us long, you might remember this post which shows our old mailbox. After that was posted, Rhea said, “Ugh, I have definitely been putting off building us a new mailbox for way too long”.  He even built in a bigger box on the bottom for our e-bay packages. Our mail carrier LOVES that she does not have to come all the way up to the house to pick-up/deliver packages. I love our new mailbox. Thank you sweetie!!

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