Colorado is Cold and E is Hot

We arrived in CO late last night. We all have been recovering today from the 2-day road trip. The weather is beautiful here and I will post some pictures tomorrow. PookieBear caught BooBear’s virus. This is the first time she has been sick in her 11 months! She has a fever and is sniffly, so I am watching her. I am wiped out as it is 11:00 p.m. here and I am still on CST (midnight at home). I just wanted to post to say we arrived safely and were blessed to have a smooth trip. More tomorrow…

Did I really say we were going to CO on Saturday?

PookieBear feels my struggle, ha! (really she was just very tired) I really am trying to prioritize for this trip. I have my list and am asking the Lord continuously, what He wants me to do on the list. Most of the time, I spend in BooBear’s room playing board games or sitting with her. She has 103 degree fever and a bad sore and swollen throat. No, it is not strep thank goodness. BooBear’s sweet little playmate and her sister have it, too and their mother already went to the pediatrician for a strep test.

I have not packed one little thing for this trip! I have not even pulled out a suitcase. Hmm, let’s see 6 people in Colorado for 3 weeks. I need to pack clothes, schoolwork, bookkeeping files, make a list for the family who is house sitting, clean out the fridge–well, you get the picture.

So, why am I typing a post to my blog instead of packing, you might ask? Well, I guess I am asking if you would pray for me. I was kinda of bummed, I didn’t have a longer Bible time this morning, but I will work some more in today. Get this though, I started Jeremiah this morning and I read where Jeremiah tells God,

(Jer 1:6,7) “Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth.”

But the LORD said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.

I do not see how I can possibly get ready for this trip. God knows I will and if I stick close to His counsel, I can get it done. But couldja pray anyway?? : )

Thanks! Well, on a quick note. We WILL be installing baby latches to the kitchen cabinet drawers and cabinets when we return from this trip. PookieBear has found out how to open and close everything now. I put rubber bands on the cabinets for now. She thinks this is grand as now she ‘plays’ the rubber bands as if they were a guitar! When she gets laughing again over this I will try to capture it on film.

Well, Rebecca’s bell (we give the kids a bell to ring when they are sick in bed) is ringing again and I hear the baby.

Oh, and adoption updates? We are about 1/2 way through the paper chase (unless there are surprises, I don’t know about?) We have a lot to mail, but we are getting there. Also, pray that Rhea finishes his job in CO before the 16th. Our HS is on the 18th and we will be cutting it close to get home in time. I don’t want to reschedule our HS, but God holds that in His hands as well, doesn’t He? : )

A Small Break from the Paperchase

While I sat in the breakfast room filling out financial statements and addressing envelopes for referrals, PookieBear and a couple of her siblings sat next to me on the floor–btw, excuse the dirt, I had not swept yet this morning!
PookieBear found a dress up hat and boy did she make us laugh! I hope it makes you smile too! You’ll see why I try to keep bows and clips in her hair…

With Ike Behind, Colorado, Here We Come!

Well, after living in the Houston area for most of my life, I have experienced a Hurricane that went right through our suburb! It was wild and scary. I knew that I was not to fear, but I prayed for God to take that fear more times than I could count in the early nighttime hours last Saturday. As the sun came up, we could see the wind causing our trees to bend over at almost a 90 degree angle! Other times, the wind would blow the trees in a circle. All of the children slept through until around 5:00 a.m. We lost the power around 3 a.m., around 10 a.m. we lost phones, internet, and water. This was to be how it was for the next 5 days.

Our church family is wonderful. We all share our needs with one another and then help and pray for those needs to be fulfilled. Our dear friends found us a generator. Having generator power was a blessing to us in so many ways.

Rhea and his trusty chainsaw along with the boys went around the neighborhood helping families clean up their yards. There were fallen trees everywhere. We lost 7, but thankfully, they fell all in the woods. Other were not so fortunate. Home after home in our neighborhood and many others had trees through their roofs and into their homes.

Our firstborn is extremely sensitive to poison ivy. Someone nearby burned it along with their trees and yard trash and it traveled airborne to find D-man. He has been down since Wednesday. We had to take him for a steroid shot. He still has one eye swollen shut.

Why didn’t a photo-taking gal like myself not take ANY pictures of such an event? I think I was in awe of it all. I also went into survival mode and started baking bread for neighbors, driving to find water, checking on friends’ homes and taking food and drink to the boys as they worked cleaning the property. The next thing I know, I saw my camera on the table a couple of days later and my heart sank that I did not record the storm! An avid scrapbooker, and I missed it! So, I will borrow other peoples’ captures!

Rhea has still not returned to work because his clients still do not have power. Maybe Monday?

We were so blessed as our home was spared from Ike. I do believe I could live w/o electricity before I could live w/o water. Well, maybe not in the summer. The humidity is awful here in SE Texas, so maybe I would choose A/C? I would drive to a friend’s house each day after Ike to fill jugs of water at her house for us to have. With all power restored, I finished the 10th load of laundry yesterday to catch up!

So now……it is time to prepare for Colorado! We were supposed to leave today, but because of Ike, next Saturday is the new date. We have been trying to complete as much HS paperwork as possible. I will write more tomorrow as I will be home from church to be w/D-man.

Watching the Kitty

Well, as Elizabeth watches the kitty, we are watching Hurricane Ike. It seems that this one just might get to Houston. Evacuations begin in the morning. We are far enough north that we do not need to evacuate, but we need to prepare for wind and no electricity. Tomorrow we will spend the day running quick errands, securing items around the yard and checking trees for dead limbs on the property. The HS paperwork can be completed by candlelight!

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We have our Homestudy date set for October 18th. Our SW is ready to do a HS for Taiwan for us. My friend said it might take about 2 1/2 months to receive Rhea’s BC. That puts us into November. Well, let the paperchase begin!!

$$ Our First Adoption Expenditure $$

Yes, well I know that this will be more than likely the cheapest expenditure in the entire adoption process, but we had to start somewhere! For some reason, we do not have a copy of Rhea’s birth certificate anywhere. I have mine, check. I have our marriage certificate, check. Rhea’s BC?, nope. I was able to order a new one online from the TX Dept. of State Health Services for the low, low cost of $22 (ha) for a blue and pink piece of official paper! It is checked off the list though.

Next, we will be getting family photos together. You know, the ones that include all 6 of us, in not just one shot, but many! May I use Photoshop?? : )

Today, I had a ‘heart drop’ and a ‘heart leap’! Rhea and I have a felt drawn to adopt from Taiwan. The 0-2 yo program in most agencies is on hold. We then began to look at the toddler/preschool age program. Rhea and I narrowed our research to 2 agencies. One was our favorite and the other was close behind. I called the ‘close-behind’ agency today to ask a few last questions we had and they told me that they put their older child program on hold. (heart drop)

God quickly moved me from that phone call to a couple of ‘must-do-now’ tasks that Rhea needed me to do for the business. With us leaving for CO in 2 weeks, we need to get our product in and a couple of phone calls and one overnight UPS envelope had to be taken care of. After that, there was History to teach. God filled my afternoon, so I had no time to really focus on the earlier phone call.

As I finished all that needed to be done, I sat down with a cup of tea. Before I could reach for my book, the phone rang. It was our favorite agency returning my call from last week! The information was good, their program is open and we have all the forms to get started. (heart jump)

Rhea and I visited after he got home from work. We are going to continue to pray through adopting domestic and adopting from Taiwan. God is Sovereign. He knows where He wants us. We will wait to know His direction. In the meantime, I ordered a new $22 birth certificate!


Well, I have two Mondays before we leave for CO and stay for close to a month! Well, at least Rhea will be there that long. If it goes over 3 weeks, the kids and I will fly back. Funny, the kids haven’t flown in about three years and they are hoping Daddy has to work past the 3 week mark! They were joking, but I do think there is a tiny part in them that wants to fly.

I am working on a list of little things that need to be done before our home study. Some will need to wait until we return, but there are quite a few of the items I should be able to knock out before we take off.

Another hurricane is coming our way. This one could actually come toward Texas. This shouldn’t affect our home as we are quite north of Houston and two hours northwest of Galveston. This could affect Rhea’s work though. He is working to get all projects finished and clients settled before he leaves for Colorado. We pray no more hurricanes come this way. Haiti has taken on too much rain and damage with these storms. Haiti is important to us because we have friends adopting from there and their 2 precious boys wait in an orphanage ready for Mommy & Daddy to take them home!

Rhea and I did visit a moment about the adoption last night before bedtime. He is continuing to pray and we will discuss our options more on the trip. When we come home, we will start our home study process.

Well, it is time to start school for the day. Thank you for checking in & have a beautiful day!


Today, I am waiting to go pick up Rhea from the airport in a few hours. Today, Rhea and I wait for clear leading from our Lord on which direction to go with the adoption. If we go domestic, we have the agency chosen and would be set to go forward when we return from CO in early October. If we go international, we are considering two countries, but lean toward one. Each situation presents its own set of challenges, but since this will all be a “God-thing” as some might say, we are confident in Him to lead us down the right path.

Rhea and I talked about adopting even before we were married. We both always desired to have a large family. We have explored and researched the topic several times throughout the years, but only now, do we both know it is the right time. The children are all excited and praying diligently, we have told a few friends, our church family knows, and we will tell our family as we get a little further along in the process.

We have extensive research compiled on China NSN & SN, Taiwan, and local Texas domestic options. If you are new to adoption, there are plenty of great online groups to gather your info, or feel free to ask. I can help where I can. There are many countries we did not look into due to the age cutoffs and lengthy stays with two trips. Many countries were just not an option.

With China and Taiwan we have interviewed many agencies and have narrowed our search down to just a couple of agencies. Domestic has been narrowed down to one local pregnancy assistance group/agency. We are anxious to get going in a direction, but we are content to wait on the Lord.

So as we are quiet, still, prayerful, and watching for God’s leading, I will keep you up to date on our family life. As we know more about our adoption journey, I will share it.

Our weather today is a beautiful 74 degrees with NO humidity!! The kids have been outside most of the day and sweet Elizabeth has had numerous stroller rides. It is time for the princess’s nap and then we go get Daddy! : )


Wow! After spending the morning setting up this blog (we wanted it to be special), I am ready to share how our journey started! Well, not quite. I need to go check the kids’ math and get everyone ready to take to Speech/Debate Club. So, I will begin over the weekend. Rhea is in CO (enjoying the cool weather) and can’t wait for me to post pictures of the kiddos he is missing here in TX. Here is one I snapped in the yard today.


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