Evan update

Prayer warriors thank you!
Evan woke up for his 8 a.m. Feed early and took an entire bottle–no NG tube feed needed! He is more alert and his blood work is showing improvement. The antibiotics are working. The 24h culture results will be back today. If it shows nothing then they will culture another 24h.
Thank you for praying for our boy!



Little Evan has some type of infection starting. Not sure what kind yet. Starting antibiotics. He is being pulled out of the crib with his sisters into his own crib. Blood & urine cultures sent off. 24-48h on those results to see if bacteria is growing. Thank you for praying for our little guy.

Coming home??

We were told today by the neonatologist that Little Miss Emma Joy just might be coming home this weekend! She will be close to 5# and have just turned truly 35w. (2 weeks old). She will be allowed to travel back and forth to the NICU to visit and see the other babies. We were very surprised to hear this news!!



NG (feeding) tube is out for Eliana!


Back to birthweight for Evan in one week!


Evan just hanging out with Mommy.


Forget swaddling. Emma likes her hand by her face.



The girls today are in an open crib! And Evan’s bili levels are looking better.




Starting with a general update sent out to our church:

Shannon had some complications with the spinal block in the days following the birth, but after a procedure on Monday, she is doing much better. Shannon came home late Tuesday afternoon and is spending her time divided between resting, pumping milk for the babies, spending time with the family at home, and spending time with the babies at the hospital.

The babies are all doing well. The things they are experiencing are normal issues preemies have at this stage. The neonatologist told us today that they are all on track to come home in 2-3 weeks. However, many things can change during that time, but so far the babies are doing well.

Prayers for our family: Rest as Shannon heals, for Shannon to be able to provide enough milk for the babies’ needs, for the other children as they adjust to babies coming home soon, for Rhea as he juggles work, home, and hospital time.
Prayers for the babies: Eliana & Evan: That their bilirubin levels would stabilize, that Eliana would have no more breathing episodes (apnea), that they would be able to finish their entire bottle feeds without use of the NG (feeding) tubes, and for both, but especially for Evan to gain weight.
Emma: That she would continue to gain weight and make her milestones so she would be able to come home.
Also, for us to be able to hold Evan. We have not been able to hold him yet. Also, the NICU policy includes only adults are allowed to hold the babies. So, our under aged children have not been able to hold their siblings yet.

Thank you church family for welcoming our little ones and caring for us during this time.
My days consist of pumping and resting and pumping and visiting NICU and pumping. You get the idea? I need to get lots of milk for these little tiny babies. I am soaking in these early days though they look a lot different than my singletons’ early days.
The Lord has blessed us with wonderful care for the babies!
I leave you with some pictures…




Eliana 4/28/14




Today was Eliana day. Tomorrow she will be in phototherapy all day for jaundice. Today Evan was. So we spent lots of time with Eliana today cuddling, singing, feeding, diaper changing, and more cuddling.

I have had some complications that are now resolved and I am feeling much better. However, the doctor will be keeping me here an extra day or two to rest and truly recover from the c-section surgery and have time to spend with the babies and learn their routine. I have been down hard and haven’t been able to be with the babies much at all since they were born. Thankfully, Rhea has–and each baby has had lots of precious Daddy time!! Rhea jumped into the NICU routine while I was down and brought pics and reports and fed, diapered, and cuddled. I couldn’t be more in love with my husband and our new babies!!


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