Summer Is Coming to a Close

It has been a wonderful summer just taking it easy and hanging out with the kiddos. We tend to do a bit of school during the summer so we can have more days off when the weather is amazingly beautiful in the fall and a bit in the spring. The kiddos were the ones who decided a long time ago they wanted to do more school/studies during the hot hot part of our Houston area summers to free up time when the weather here is actually fun!

The triplets are growing quickly and are going EVERYWHERE! Eliana runs, Emma toddles, and Evan, well, he walks on his knees. Yep, his knees. He has developed a crazy habit of walking on his knees. So, we have reached out for some help for him to strengthen some muscles and get him running with his sisters. Now, don’t feel too badly for him. He is FAST. He can almost keep up with Eliana! Now, he may have calloused knees I am always attending to, but he is happy and cheerful and loves life…just on his knees!


(corralled for some playtime while we make lunch)!


Rhea has traveled a lot this summer for work, but is able to enjoy some beautiful summer weather in UT and CO when he is away. He and I were able to go to the Young Living Convention a few weeks ago. It was a great time to be together, get away, and see old friends and meet new ones. It was encouraging and refreshing!

I am finishing up planning out the rest of the school year for the kiddos. They all have their interests and activities I need to balance throughout the week as well as make sure we are home plenty in order to have good study time especially for the older kiddos who are doing high school and college work.

I am looking forward to my favorite season of the year. Fall is where it is at with me! Speaking of fall, Rebecca and I have been talking about sharing some of our healthy recipes on our blog. Maybe we can pop up a few of our favorites as we move into the cooler temperatures ahead!

Well, nap time is over for the littles and my dinner/evening routine is beginning! Have a wonderful evening, y’all!

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