Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Great Seasonal Clothes Switchout

We had the kind of winter that just kept going there for awhile. This was just fine with me, since that meant it bought me more time before I had to do seasonal clothes swapping in each of the kiddos’ closets! Rebecca and I started the switch this week. Well, we haven’t exactly gotten to the switch out part, but we are pulling all the too small clothes out for giveaway or pack away for hand me downs.

Honestly? I don’t even think I fully unpacked the last hand me down tub for Emma and Eliana. I just sorta grabbed what we needed out of it as he winter went on! More moments of life with triplets. The Lord has continually worded on my OCD tendencies and I have a tub in the nursery of clothes that we basically dig through when we need something OR there is always the load of laundry on their bed to pull from. I wonder sometimes why exactly we have a dresser in the nursery for the triplets? The clothes never exactly make it into the drawers!

We haven’t even approached the little girls’ room yet, and that’s fine with Sarah as she doesn’t like change! This is her hat from when she was a baby/toddler. She is also on her 3rd coloring page for the day. She colors an entire picture with one color. This day was “purple” day! 2


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