It’s Finally Spring !

The babies are almost not “babies” anymore! They turned 11 months last week and with one month to go until their first birthday, I can’t say that I am ready for such milestones. The are such a delight and I know they can’t stay small long, but I just love love love this age. I really do!! All 3 are crawling so fast and they help each other escape from the set up barricades! Evan crawls to the windows of the house every single time to watch the chickens, cat, birds, deer, or anyone who happens to be outside! The girls absolutely adore O’s, puffs, and teething crackers. We have introduced chicken breast, avocado, and slivered apples. They all like everything so far. This week diced butternut squash, more chicken, sweet potatoes. We pretty much skipped purees and moved into table food and as you can see, they look pretty healthy!!

Now that the weather is warmer, we are enjoying the sunshine and dressing the girls in sundresses! I realized I have a lot of pics with them in PJs! Whenever I seem to have my phone in hand to snap pics, they seem to be lounging in their jammies! I still say there is nothing more cuddly cute than a baby in their jammies! Happy Spring Y’all!!!IMG_4256



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