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10 Months Today

Double digits?? Where did this year go? Those of you who have children, when you have one, time does fly by. When you have multiples? It ZOOOOOMS by!! I cannot believe they are almost one!?! As of today:

Evan: sleeps through the night, but still in our master closet (we call it his man cave)! He has 5 teeth, is getting fast with his army crawl He has a high pitched squeal that will startle anyone! He is always ready to give you a smile even when he first wakes up. The only time he’s not so smiley is right before bed, but then he is only just “serious” but not normally cranky or fussy.

Emma: She is FAST!! Than girl can crawl. I mean, you have to be watching her at all times. The weather has been wet and damp and Rhea has been unable to put the last coat of paint on the fence he made to gate off the dining room for the babies’ new play area. So, in the meantime, we have to watch her like a hawk. Emma still only has one tooth and is still not wanting to sit up. Too boring to learn when you have places to go and see like she does! She is sleeping through the night again. She only wakes once for a paci. This has been a much better week for both girls in the sleep department than what we were dealing with previously. Emma is so reserved. When she smiles, she has the most adorable dimples. She also has the most contagious laugh. But like I said, good luck catching any of that on camera. It’s like she knows we have the camera out and she clams up. She also is not at all fond of strangers. She will tell you all about it too when a new face comes around!!

Eliana: She prefers to sit up and crawl from sitting (which we are discouraging). She will have tummy time and does do a pretty mean army crawl, but hasn’t mastered all her “skills” just yet. She is a short napper, but functions well on the sleep she gets. She has 2 teeth and doesn’t seem to have any more on the way. She too is sleeping better at night and only waking once or twice for a paci or a reassuring pat. Since we have been home from being displaced from the lightning strike, the girls have never seemed to get back in the sync of things. Eliana ALWAYS has a smile and a giggle for anyone. She loves people!

Happy 10 months my sweet little ones!!

Here are some quick pics of our time right before bedtime last night. We play, distract, and hug & love on them trying to keep them content before bedtime. Look at these tired faces!



Coffee & Nitro Kind of Day

We had a great Essential Oils 101 class last night. It was a lot of fun. We had a good turn out and it was great to “see” old friends and new faces. I thought the online format would be a little impersonal, but it really was a great way to get together with those who couldn’t get out or lived far away.

Well, I kind of thought all of this crawling these babies were learning to do would wear these babies out? I even told Rebecca, watch them sleep like rocks until the morning! Bahahaha! “Yeah, right!” the baby girls said! Evan slept like a champ…the other two…. well, not. so. much. That’s part of the territory and we are just drinking some great coffee and enjoying a quick Nitro. (Thank you Dustin, for making Mom a pic to share)!

ningxia nitro

That stuff is so yummy and it totally wakes up my brain without the jitters! It’s obvious the babies have enough stamina and energy for the day, don’t you think? (Remember, Emma is not big on smiling for the camera) 🙂 and please forgive the phone pics. I still need to find my camera battery charger!

Have a wonderful Weekend Y’all!!!

A Rare Moment


It is a rare moment when I can get all three babies together, all looking forward, and in focus! It will help when I find my battery charger for my Canon SLR, but until then, iPhone pics it is! This was last night before they went to bed. They are getting so big. Emma finally cut a tooth. Baby stats at 9.5 months:

Tooth count is… Emma-1, Eliana-2, and Evan-3!

Sleeping through the night…Emma and Eliana-sometimes up, but usually just for a paci replacement. Evan-sleeps all night!

Crawling…Fastest goes to Evan, most creative goes to Eliana, and most likely to get herself stuck goes to Emma

Sitting up…Eliana can sit on her own unattended, but hasn’t mastered getting back to all fours. Evan can for a bit. Emma? nah, too much work people.

They are starting the “I want your toy so I snatch it from you phase” They also LOVE LOVE LOVE music. Last night we had on some Johnny Cash and Evan really got into it don’t you think?




And finally, this Thursday I am hosting with my sister an online Essential Oils 101 class on FB!!  I’d love to send you an invite so you could learn about what these amazing oils have been doing for our family for the last 9 years! There are GIVEAWAYS!! We all love those!! So, why not come join the fun?? It’s this Thursday Feb. 19th at 7:00 p.m. CST. Comment below with your email address or click on the Facebook Button at the top of the blog and leave a message there and I will send you an invite!



Have a fabulous Monday Y’all!!!  —Shannon

Evan Evan Evan

Whew! We had a good day finally with this teething season with Evan. Monday, he cried and fussed and basically didn’t feel good at all. I had been using Thieves essential oil mixed with coconut oil and rubbing that on his gums. That teething rub works wonders with the girls but not so much with Evan. So, yesterday, I pulled out my clove essential oil with coconut oil and I think we found the answer to his teething pain. What do you think? Also, check out the adorable hat Rebecca knitted for Evan this past weekend! Cute huh?


Bath Time

Bath time at our house is a routine with a system like everything else we have with these babies. It’s assembly line bath time in the kitchen sink with one person undressing and handing off to the person giving baths in the sink. Then there is the person who is standing by to take the squeaky clean baby to the nursery for a fresh diaper and jammies. All three love bath time. I promise you Emma is a very happy baby, she is just more conservative sharing all those giggles and smiles publicly! The past few bath times they have been fascinated with the water coming out of the faucet. Evan will dive right in! Aren’t they getting so big?




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