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Today is the day! Our babies are coming home! People have asked, “Are you ready?” Yes we are.

I remember when I was a little girl and my aunt took me to a pool where platform divers trained. I climbed all the way up to the highest platform and walked to the edge and looked down at the deep blue water. I was excited. Most of me wanted to jump, but there was that little part of me that wanted to climb back down. That thought process lasted for a short minute because the lifeguard blew his whistle for me to jump as other people were waiting for their turns. I jumped and it was exciting! I did it over and over again that afternoon.

Bringing all three babies home will be like that. Rhea and I will just have to jump! By God’s amazing grace He will guide us and lead us. He has brought us all this way in this adoption journey. He has blessed us abundantly with three more children in our “old” age.
I have warned the family that I have been “strong” these last couple of weeks and have not cried, but I know as soon as we are all home together as a family, I will probably cry. A lot. All happy tears. All tears of thankfulness, humbleness, gratefulness, and just awe at what The Lord has done through preserving the lives of these three little tiny babies who were frozen at such an early stage of life for so many years. Thank you for your prayers for us on this journey. Thank you for washing & folding clothes, vacuuming floors, and bringing meals. Thank you for the diapers and wipes and all the hugs when we see you. Thank you for rejoicing with us and praising the One who deserves all the glory and honor!
Today is here. They are coming home! We are ready to jump!



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  • Ahh, so excited for you! This next stage of the adventure is sure to be an amazing one! I’m loving all the pictures too and I can’t wait to see a whole family picture!

  • I woke up this morning thinking of you all! I’m so glad to see that your little ones are here. May you continue to experience the peace, strength, and blessings of the Lord!

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