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Getting a routine down

Haven’t taken any pictures in a few days I don’t think. We are just trying to figure out a good routine for the babies eat every three hours and then pumping right after and somehow getting some sleep in between all that! We’ve enjoyed all of our time with these babies. They’re cuddly, expressive, and such a blessing!
Each of them is doing quite well.
Here are a few pictures that I have. the first one is of Sarah when she got up this morning before everyone else! The black-and-white of Evan is one a photographer took of him in the NICU.



First Night Home

We got home midafternoon from the hospital. It was a wonderful time with Elizabeth and Sarah finally getting to hold the babies. At the hospital the rules were that only the older kids could hold them.

We jumped into our every three hour feeding routine and everybody pitched in. So far I’ve been able to make enough milk that none of the babies have had to have any formula. Breast-feeding is coming slowly as they are still quite young. They will be three weeks old tomorrow but truly only 37 weeks gestational age. They all have an appointment with our doctor tomorrow afternoon. So that will be our first outing. Our general practitioner Dr. Dibble will be seeing the babies.

Our first night was tiresome but expected. We are just all so glad to be home together. Rhea is wanting the babies in our bedroom and us all to be together. However I’m not sure how long that will last being that he will need a lot more sleep in order to work outside the home! We will see what the next few nights brings!

After dinner and the last early evening feeding we all had a sweet time of family worship and prayer before heading to bed.






We are home!



Home today

Today is the day! Our babies are coming home! People have asked, “Are you ready?” Yes we are.

I remember when I was a little girl and my aunt took me to a pool where platform divers trained. I climbed all the way up to the highest platform and walked to the edge and looked down at the deep blue water. I was excited. Most of me wanted to jump, but there was that little part of me that wanted to climb back down. That thought process lasted for a short minute because the lifeguard blew his whistle for me to jump as other people were waiting for their turns. I jumped and it was exciting! I did it over and over again that afternoon.

Bringing all three babies home will be like that. Rhea and I will just have to jump! By God’s amazing grace He will guide us and lead us. He has brought us all this way in this adoption journey. He has blessed us abundantly with three more children in our “old” age.
I have warned the family that I have been “strong” these last couple of weeks and have not cried, but I know as soon as we are all home together as a family, I will probably cry. A lot. All happy tears. All tears of thankfulness, humbleness, gratefulness, and just awe at what The Lord has done through preserving the lives of these three little tiny babies who were frozen at such an early stage of life for so many years. Thank you for your prayers for us on this journey. Thank you for washing & folding clothes, vacuuming floors, and bringing meals. Thank you for the diapers and wipes and all the hugs when we see you. Thank you for rejoicing with us and praising the One who deserves all the glory and honor!
Today is here. They are coming home! We are ready to jump!



Wednesday is the day!

Everything looks set for all three babies to come home on Wednesday afternoon! Evan needs to pass his car seat test and have his hearing screening. We are so excited and cannot believe they are all coming home together and so soon! Praise The Lord!





We went up to the NICU to visit our trio this afternoon with the kiddos. When we left the babies yesterday, Evan was still in a separate crib with his NG tube and IV and working on getting his full feeds down with a bottle and taking antibiotics through his IV. His cultures came back negative so they took him off antibiotics, removed the IV, and the NG tube because he has been able to take full feeds for almost 24 hours. He has improved by leaps and bounds since we even saw him yesterday! So all of this was a surprise when we walked in this afternoon! this is what we saw:
Eliana & Emma with Evan snuggled in on the end on the girls’ pink blanket! So excited!! We were also told Emma passed her car seat test and should be coming home tomorrow!


Evan update

Prayer warriors thank you!
Evan woke up for his 8 a.m. Feed early and took an entire bottle–no NG tube feed needed! He is more alert and his blood work is showing improvement. The antibiotics are working. The 24h culture results will be back today. If it shows nothing then they will culture another 24h.
Thank you for praying for our boy!



Little Evan has some type of infection starting. Not sure what kind yet. Starting antibiotics. He is being pulled out of the crib with his sisters into his own crib. Blood & urine cultures sent off. 24-48h on those results to see if bacteria is growing. Thank you for praying for our little guy.

Coming home??

We were told today by the neonatologist that Little Miss Emma Joy just might be coming home this weekend! She will be close to 5# and have just turned truly 35w. (2 weeks old). She will be allowed to travel back and forth to the NICU to visit and see the other babies. We were very surprised to hear this news!!


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