27 weeks

It has definitely been a few weeks since I posted. Soon after I made the last post I ended up going to the hospital just for a few hours. I was having contractions. I couldn’t tell if they were Braxton Hicks or not. According to the monitors they were indeed real contractions two minutes apart so with being only 25 weeks or so I was given medications to stop the contractions. Thankfully after meeting my doctor couple of days later we found that the contractions had been nonprogressive and preterm labor was not even an issue. I had really bad side effect reactions to the drugs they gave me in the hospital and it took me a couple of days to recover. I have a prescription at home for when the contractions start up into a pattern. I have only had to take the medications twice since then.

It’s just one more pill bottle by my bedside table. I think I have four now including enzymes and Rolaids!

The babies had a check up like I mentioned soon after my hospital stay. At that time, they were measuring 2 pounds and above which was very good. They all have strong heartbeats, are very active, and the doctors are very pleased with how they are growing.

Last week I went to my OB. She was very pleased with my weight gain my blood pressure and I took my glucose tolerance test. I received this results they are not at all what I had hoped. There was no need to take the three-hour glucose test because apparently I failed so miserably. I am not on insulin but I am on a gestational diabetes diet and having to prick my finger four times a day to test my blood sugar. My doctor was not at all surprised that I had gestational diabetes. She said in a triplet pregnancy especially one where three placentas are involved hormones become an issue and therefore gestational diabetes can come into play. The good news about gestational diabetes is that it disappears after the babies are born.

The babies are kicking good and strong so strong that it hurts a lot of times! The kids all like to feel the babies kick and there’s so much kicking and moving going on that there’s enough for everybody to feel at the same time!

I definitely have my to do list divided into things that I need to be done, things I’d like to be done, and the things that probably will not get done!

Rhea made the decision to close in our attached garage to make an overflow space for game room and playroom for the older and younger kids. It’s a great idea it’s just a project that does take a long time and I’m hoping that will finish before the babies arrive. Once that project is finished we can then take the upstairs school room and pack and move it so Rebecca can pack and move upstairs to that area and we can use her old room for the nursery. Right now our entire dining room is covered with baby things for the nursery.

I have more to write, but am going to post this as PT 1 and start working on next part…

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