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I haven’t updated because as you can imagine my energy level is quite small and there is still quite a bit to do and run in our household. Tomorrow actually will be when I turn 24 weeks. That is the first big milestone in this pregnancy. At 24 weeks all three of these babies are considered viable. Well we all know that babies are viable from the day of conception but what viability really means in hospital terms is that technology is at a place where there is a 50% chance the babies will make it if they’re born at 24 weeks. So if I were to go into the hospital for any reason and the babies had to be delivered, the hospital will attempt to save them and sustain their lives. So as of tomorrow milestone #1 is checked off!

I had both my MFM and OB appts last week. Some have questioned what an MFM is. At my hospital where I am being seen, the MFM is the maternal fetal medicine doctor. She doesn’t deliver babies but she is an OB who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. Her job is to monitor the babies and send reports to my OB and makes recommendations. My OB take care of me and looks at the reports and the two doctors make their decisions together. My MFM is part of the Texas Children’s Hospital network.

So this last appt. the doctor was able to do scans on each of the babies. The ultrasound scans take a long time because each baby has to be checked and they switch positions and they wiggle and hog the space of their siblings. In fact, at the beginning of the scan the sonographer told us which babies were breech, which were transverse, and which ones were head down. But by the end of the scan, that had all changed!
The babies were doing great and were all on schedule. Here are their latest stats:
A girl B boy C girl
A 149 B 141 C 146
A 1 lb 3 oz B 1 lb 3 oz C 1 lb 4 oz
Babies will be rechecked 1st week of March.

My appt went well too. My BP is fine and weight gain is on track. I have my 1st glucose test on 2/28. This pregnancy has presented many different symptoms and challenges. One is acid reflux. It was so bad that natural remedies and OTC meds didn’t touch it. I was not sleeping, couldn’t eat, and I wasn’t gaining weight. We decided to try a Rx for acid reflux. It helps about 80%. I am learning the “no-no’s” to stay away from. One culprit is milk. I am supposed to have a lot of milk a day but haven’t been able to do that and I’m trying to make up the calories and nutrients in other ways.

I’m working on the list of baby items we need. I’ve been on Craigslist and eBay and local selling boards looking for second hand items and clothes. We gave away a lot after Sarah outgrew her baby clothes.

Speaking of outgrowing, I’m outgrowing my maternity clothes at a fairly quick pace. With multiples, there is not much of a second trimester. I have felt like I’m in my 3rd trimester for weeks already.

The babies are very, very active and if one gets the hiccups, the other two start kicking! If I try to sleep on a certain side and one baby doesn’t like that idea, the kicking begins and the others follow suit!

Energy level? Zapped. Out of breath all the time? Yes. Ligament pain? Yes. Tired? Yes. As my OB said, I am having three singleton pregnancies at one time, so my body will respond accordingly.

Next milestone? 30w. Because the babies are doing so well, my MFM changed the “if you make it to this date then you can deliver in The Woodlands”. The original date was 32 weeks and now it is 30w. Anything earlier than that I would have to go to the medical center to deliver. After that milestone, 34 weeks is next. The MFM said once I get to 34 weeks she will be happy. Any weeks after that will be a bonus. She said 32 weeks is the average for delivery with triplets. But if I can get to 36-37 weeks then there would be a chance that there would be very little if any NICU time for the babies.

So here are the milestone dates to be praying for: 30w 3/29 34w 4/26 37w 5/17.

Here are a couple of pics:

Baby B

Baby C

Baby A

Me at 22w

Me at 23w

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