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19 weeks

So, what is it like to be pregnant with triplets at 19 weeks? Things are VERY different from a singleton pregnancy! Here are symptoms I have that I usually get in the 3rd trimester (or around 30w+ or so):

* I have gained close to 30# already
* I have Braxton Hicks contractions here and there
* I have trouble getting comfortable at night to sleep
* I get up 2x a night to use the bathroom
* I have bad heartburn & acid reflux at night
* If I am up too much, my ankles swell.
* If I sit too long, my ankles swell.
* I am super congested all the time and it is hard to breathe.
* Speaking of breathing, I get VERY winded just walking up or down our stairs.
* I already feel like I am well into my 3rd trimester. (based on past pregnancies)

These are not complaints, just the symptoms. I am still on Phenegran 1-2x a day for nausea. I am also having to start Pepcid AC for the heartburn reflux. I have never had to take meds for either of these conditions in the past, but everything is super intensified with triplets I am realizing. I have to get and keep many calories down and I need my esophagus to not be permanently damaged. So, the meds I take. My goal weight to gain for the pregnancy is 50#-60#. The goal for the babies my doctor said is to get to the 37th week, which starts on May 17th.

I wanted to open up the comments for you to ask any questions you may have about the triplets or the pregnancy. I get asked lots of questions, but I never know what someone is wondering about. So, ask away and I will answer them in my next post!

photo-17Picture for you Sandi!


18w Anatomy Scan

We had a big appointment today! It took 2 1/2 hours for the technician to get good scans of all three babies. We were told it would take this long and as Rhea and I were leaving the doctor’s office, we were talking about how that was as long as going to see a movie, but we enjoyed the main characters in this movie much more than any other movie we have seen!

All three babies are very healthy. All of their organs, placentas, fluid, heartbeats, weights, were all perfect according to the doctor. In higher order multiples, the mother’s cervix is also measured as a baseline because premature labor is common in higher order multiple pregnancies. The doctor was very pleased with this measurement as well.

So onto the gender report…
As most of you know, at our 12 week appointment the doctor said she was 90% sure that all three babies were girls. She also said that our boys better pray between our last appointment and this one for boy parts to grow if they wanted a brother. Both boys obviously want God’s will for our family, but both admitted they’ve been praying for a brother too.
The very first part of the ultrasound was determining the genders. I wasn’t expecting the news that we received. Rhea was just as surprised.
Baby A is a girl, Baby C is a girl, but baby B?? That one is a BOY!
We are just so grateful and pleased that they are all healthy and growing well and my health is keeping up with everything.
Here are some of the details from today:
A 154
B 144
C 157

A 8 oz-40%
B 10 oz-84%
C 10oz-92%

5 cm

And a few pictures. They were wiggly, but we did get some:





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