14 weeks

I am still here! The process to transfer the blog to a new server was quite an ordeal indeed! It will be a bit before I can spruce things up, add photos, and send invites for the private blog, so for now the blog will remain open to all. I will post when invites have been sent so you can let me know if you haven’t received one. In the meantime, how about an update?

I had my 11.5 week check up with the MFM and the babies look terrific! Baby C had caught all the way up to Baby A & B and is now measuring one day behind A&B! The doctor feels like all is well and I do not go in again to se her until after the new year.

I saw my OB on week 12 and got to see the babies once again and they were all squirming and kicking. My OB took me off Zofran since it was not working at all and started me on Phenegran. It makes me sleepy all day long, but it really helps with the nausea. I am still pretty nauseous 24/7, but I am only throwing up once a day or so. She told me that the nausea should start to ease up in a few weeks.

A triplet pregnancy is so different than any of my other pregnancies. I truly look as if I am 5m pregnant! twice this past week I was asked,, “When will you get to hold your baby?” When I say, “May”, the people’s faces flush red with embarrassment until I can tell them that we are expecting triplets. 🙂

I will leave you with the latest pics of our little ones.

Baby C 11w Baby B 11w Baby A 11w


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