Monthly Archives: September 2013

We Are Still a Go…for now

Nurse Katie called and said that Dr. K is still comfortable with us moving forward at this point, HOWEVER, He will be paying close attention to my lining and to make sure that the follicles that are present have not enlarged when he receives the results from my next u/s on Friday 9/13.

So, I guess you could say we are on “stand-by”, but no clearance for take off until next Friday. Thank you for your encouragement & prayers everyone.

Still Waiting…

Went for another u/s today.  My lining is still at 9 on CD8. Dr. K would like to see this number a lot smaller at this stage.

Waited all day for Dr. K to call. Nothing. So, I wait. Tomorrow we should know if this cycle is a go or not? If it is not, then our EA journey is over. I trust the Lord and His plan for our lives and these babies’ lives. I continue to pray though that there is still hope of us adopting once again.

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