Are You Ready For This?

I have gone back and forth on whether or not to post today. I wanted to wait to take an HPT on our beta day and test the morning of our beta test. That test is next Monday (9/30). Well, I am weak, as many of you know, in the area of HPTs. Rhea was on board to test though. Okay, we knew this would be negative, but thought, well, I could get the “testing” out of my system and then we would wait until next Sunday to test the night before our beta. So, we tested 3 days after our transfer. We were shocked to see this:

Test #1 3dp5dt Sunday evening 9/22
Are you in shock too?

So, well, since I had “more” tests available, thanks to my dear, precious, friend Kristine, We took another test Monday morning. I was still 3dp5dt as my transfer happened at 11:30 EST and this one was taken at 6:00 a.m. CST.

Test #2 3dp5dt Monday morning 9/23

So, then, well, I had more tests, so we tested last night and:

Test #3 4dp5dt Monday evening 9/23

Then, there was this morning. I opened a new pack of FRERs. The previous 3 were from the same package. The test this morning seemed the same if not lighter maybe? No worries, we are obviously pregnant!

Test #4 4dp5dt Monday morning 9/24
So, today, I was gone from the house ALL. DAY. LONG. (meaning 5 hours had passed and I thought it might be a good time to take a test when I got home). Well, as you can see from the test on the bottom, the line is definitely lighter.

Test #5 5dp5dt Monday afternoon 9/24
All of the emotions and fears of the past two transfers and our many miscarriages came flooding back. Because of this, Rhea and I decided no more tests until Sunday night before our beta or Monday morning before our beta. I am going to ENJOY this pregnancy and at 45 it could even be my last pregnancy. We will rejoice in the growing lives that the Lord has placed in our womb!  We are still amazed that we tested positive at 3dp5dt. We absolutely are rejoicing for the life that the Lord has given us through these little ones!

Now, why did we decide to go ahead and share this? We are sharing because we are asking for prayer. over 300 people read our last post. There are people reading and following we may not even know, but if you would, please pray for our little ones?  

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