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Cleared for Estrace

I went to my u/s and blood work appt yesterday. I was cleared to start Estrace today. Dr. K wants me to  have a repeat u/s on Tuesday to confirm my lining has shed enough. I was only CD2 yesterday.
We have had a serious family situation arise and I have been out of pocket for that reason. We are prayerful that we will not be canceling this cycle. The NEDC said they will not make an exception for us to come in November. I will be 46 in October. So we will be going to TN in September or if we cannot, our EA journey will be ending. In the meantime, Rhea said we are going to keep moving forward until we have clear direction in the days ahead. Thanks for your prayers!

Nothing too Exciting…

Just got a call that my box of meds arrive tomorrow. That means Lupron shots will be starting soon. So, no big news, but just a step closer to going to bring home our little babies!

Protocol Has Begun!

Well CD1 never arrived… so, per nurse Katie’s instructions, I started Day 1 of OCPs on Saturday evening. She had me take an HPT first and then if negative, start my protocol. HPT was negative.

Today, I did my typical “write the protocol all up on a blank calendar page” routine and posted it in our bathroom. PookieBear saw it and asked when I started the “little” shots (Lupron) so she could help me. She has been right there with me for every Lupron shot the past 2 transfers. I told her the first shot wouldn’t be for another week and a half. She said, “Just let me know and I will be ready to help” She then skipped away down the hallway. Seems like my little nurse is excited about our upcoming transfer!

June 7, 2014

Yes, I couldn’t resist. I had to look up my EDD for this transfer. 😉

June 7, 2014. It will already be hot here in Texas for the summer. But wait, we may be blessed with multiples! In that case, the chart says that twins would come around May 16th. Triplets you say? The chart says April 19th. So a spring or summer babies. I like the sound of that!

Oh and something really cool I found…The heart starts beating on the day of our first beta. So, there you go. If any doctor ever told you that you had a “chemical” pregnancy (I have had 2), you can share this with them. “Chemical” pregnancies are true pregnancies no matter what any doctor tells you. I always knew that, but when there is scientific evidence that the heart starts beating on CD30 with an Ovulation day of CD14… well, even a doctor who doesn’t believe life is at conception, can’t argue with science that says there is a beating heart on CD30! Gotta love this!!

Meds Are Ordered & U/S Scheduled

I had plenty of OCPs and Estrace left from our last transfer as well as 1 1/2 vials of PIO. So even though our meds are paid completely out-of-pocket, our grand total was still under $300! This was very good news. We also received two donations this week to our grant fund (AdoptTogether–tax deductible giving grant account). It is such a blessing to see people who don’t even know us, really, give to help these babies. We do not have all for the funds needed yet, but the Lord has provided everything needed to this point. We have paid cash for all expenses so far. We only have to pay Dr. K’s fee and for the satellite services here (U/Ss & blood work). So about $3,500 to go! The kids and I will get to posting some more items on eBay soon I am thinking. It is way too hot here to have a yard sale!

Protocol Arrived

Okay, this is happening so very fast. I mean time was creeping by it seemed leading up to my last two transfers. Now, things are happening so very quickly!

I opened my inbox and there was my protocol from Katie, my nurse, from the NEDC. I cannot believe I need to call and schedule my ultrasound appointments, order my box of medications, and type up my dosing chart to hang in the bathroom. I am still shaking my head as I type this!

Exciting, for sure, but lots of butterflies are included as well! There are so many thoughts running through my head. I read on a fellow EA cycle momma’s blog recently about feeling detached after so much loss going through EA and that post has stuck with me. Am I truly busy with all the kiddos this summer and our back to school prep or am I, in a way, “detaching” myself from the possible pain and loss after going through 2 miscarriages with EA in the last 5 months?

This is definitely something I need to consider. Because although the latter would be understandable, it would not be what I need to do. I need to trust the Lord and not be fearful. I need to be humbled that the Lord chose us even one more time to adopt little babies from the freezer once again. I need to approach this adoption like all the others. These are little lives who Rhea and I already love. I need to look forward to our “Gotcha Day” just as I would if we were going to fly to bring home our child from China. So, whether I am just very busy or whether I am truly distancing myself from this upcoming FET to protect emotions, either way, it’s time I focus on my body and preparing it to receive our new babies and surrendering my fears and anxiety to the Lord. He will carry me through!

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