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We Have a Date

September 19th!

That was my mother’s birthday.  Sept. 19th is a  very special day  : )

Airline reservations: check. (have funds for this)
Car rental: check. (have funds for this)
Hotel: almost check. (using points)

Meds start 8/10. Will be calling those all in soon!

edited 7/26: hotel is now reserved using hotel points! Now off to order restaurant gift cards with points. One of the perks of having a husband who owns his own company is we get to use the points from the corporate account ; )

September Is a Go

Well, just wanted you to know that we heard from the clinic this week. I will be starting meds on 8/10 and we will be flying one last time to Knoxville, TN to the NEDC to adopt again. Although we considered going trough the NEDC donor list again, Rhea and I decided to stay committed to the little ones we chose going into our last transfer. There are 6 babies total. 2 with one couple, 1 with another couple, and 3 with another couple. The embryologist will thaw the first 2 and then the one and 3 if needed. All couples agree to mixing. We are excited and aren’t exactly sure how the rest of the money will get here in time, but we know that since I turn 46 in October, this is our ast opportunity to adopt through the NEDC. They allow 3 times to adopt with the program fees we paid, but the adopting mother must be under 46 years old, so a September transfer is it!

There has been so much going on around here! I hope y’all are enjoying special times with those you love this summer!

P.S. to the stranger who donated $1 to our adoption fund this week. That one dollar came at such a special time. I was once again “questioning” where we were going to come up with the rest of the money for travel and transfer. Then, I checked my email later that day and there was $1. We haven’t had a donation in quite sometime. I love how the Lord uses small things to remind us that He is with us, He hears our concerns, and He reminds us not to fear. : )

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