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Finally Received the Call

We waited all day and finally got the call about an hour ago. We are PREGNANT!

My beta was a 62! The nurse said they are thrilled if they see over 100, but they are perfectly happy with a 62. I go to get my 2nd beta on Monday! There have been tears of joy, praise and prayer, and plenty of laughter in the last hour. Truly, I am just still in shock! This really has to sink in. Our God is so very gracious and merciful!!

8dp 5dt

I have stuck to the plan! I have not tested at home! Well, I guess technically I did test, but it was an internet cheapie and I did it on 3dpo just to get testing out of system ; )
For those who know me well, they know that I test a lot, so waiting this time I thought would be difficult to do, but I really am resting in the Lord’s Sovereign Will for these little ones. We still have great hope that they are all loving and growing still.

People have asked what symptoms did I have post transfer up until now. These hormones and medications can cause such confusion that one must be careful not to analyze symptoms too much after an FET. So here we go…

Tuesday 0dp 5dt — Transfer day (5/21). Was famished after FET (thanks to steroid), slept most of the day (thanks to valium). No spotting, cramping, or pain.
Wednesday 1dp 5dt — had cramps but nothing too bad, took it easy. Still pretty groggy (thank to progesterone at this point)
Thursday 2dp 5dt — same as above
Friday 3dp 5dt — same as above, but HAD to take a nap. Really wiped out. First full day back to regular schedule.
Saturday 4dp 5dt  Cramping stopped. No symptoms
Sunday 5dp 5dt  No symptoms
Monday 6dp 5dt  No symptoms
Tuesday 7dp 5dt  no cramps, but flutter/butterfly & tightening feeling
Wednesday 8dp 5dt  no cramps, but flutter/butterfly & tightening feeling continues
Thursday 9dp 5dt –– Blood Test Day!!

With my last transfer, everything is about the same. The only differences were:

0dp 5dt — slight spotting, heavy cramping, low grade fever.
1dp 5dt — heavy cramping, low grade fever
7dp 5dt — no symptoms
8dp 5dt — no symptoms
9dp 5dt — no symptoms Beta: 5

So, I am hopeful that the “butterfly” feeling is a positive symptom! Our blood test is tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. We were going to take a HPT tonight, but Rhea will be here all day tomorrow. So, we decided since we will be together when Nurse Katie calls with the results, we will wait for her call tomorrow afternoon!

Transfer Is Complete!

Everything went beautifully. As we mourn the loss of one of our little ones, we rejoice in the survival of our other 3. They were transferred today at 11:30 and Dr. K said all couldn’t have gone more beautifully!

We had lunch and then back to the hotel to sleep off the rest of the Valium. Feeling a lot better after a nap. Here is a pic of of our little ones that are with us now:
We all know grading doesn’t matter, but for those who like to just see. They were 4AB, 3AB+, 3BB
Our Beta is 5/30.

Transfer Day Is Here!

Transfer time is at 11:30 a.m. EST. Will you please pray for our 4 tiny ones, the embryologist, the doctor, and my womb to be ready to receive these little ones? 

I will update soon!

Flying Out in the Morning!

There are a lot of details to handle before we leave. Getting a household of 7 organized for this next week has kept me on my toes. Someone at church today said I bet you are so excited? I thought about it and I was excited, but with all the preparations, I don’t think it all will fully hit me until I am sitting on the plane tomorrow about to take off to actually go to TN! 2 more days until we “meet” our babies!

PIO, Estrace Scramble, Ironman, & More

IToday started my first PIO shot. I have to say this time around, I just warmed the syringe and went for it. I did not use a heating pad on the injection area like I have in the past. Short of trying to stop bleeding afterwards, it was a breeze. I have decided that this time around I will listen to Paul Washer sermons. Each shot is a 15 minute process and I do it 2x a day. So, I can listen to a sermon every two days. : )

I misplaced my main Estrace bottle. I have two Estrace bottles. One I put one week’s worth of pills in, and the other I keep put away and use it to refill my little bottle. Why do I do that? Well, it makes it a lot easier to count out pills if I am not sure if I took a scheduled dose or not ; ) This morning I took my morning Estrace (the last in the little bottle) and went to get the “master” bottle and, uh, well, it wasn’t there. Now, thankfully, there weren’t that many left, and I am sure they will turn up, but I had to call a refill in. Well, my pharmacy had 8 pills. Yep 8. Well, that wasn’t going to get me through the trip to the NEDC. So, I started calling around. I finally found a pharmacy (not around the corner that’s for sure) that had 20 more tablets. Since Dr. K reduced me to 2 tabs a day, getting 20 would work. I drove to the first pharmacy and picked up my 8 pills and then Rhea went to get the others after work this evening. Whew! None of that was on my to-do list, but very grateful for the results. I panicked for a split second when my pharmacy said they were out. I calmed down ever so quickly and trusted the Lord and his absolute sovereignty over even the smallest detail in this adoption as one of my prescriptions!

Tomorrow we will be attending a graduation ceremony of one of Dustin’s very best friends. Of course the graduation would be on “Ironman Day”. Yes, Ironman Day means that moving around our area is…ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE most of the day the competition is going on. This is the 3rd year for Ironman to be in our neck of the woods and I know we have a great bike route and all with the scenery and curving roads, but the rest of us everyday folk cannot get out of our neighborhood and run even one errand on that day unless you have hours to spare. So, we are packing a cooler and are blazing a trail, at a snail’s pace in the morning. 

Finally, we received a donation for $200. So, to refresh your memory….We needed $7,805. We have raised $6,454, and now only need $1,351 with 3 days to go! Amazing!!! Speechless at what the Lord is doing here!

In Transit & All Clear

We received word that our 4 little ones are preparing for shipment today to arrive at the NEDC tomorrow. They will wait in their travel tank at the NEDC waiting for us to show up for our appointment on Tuesday. We are praying for safe travel for these precious babies. They have already been shipped around several times in their little lives.

Next, I went to the office where I am being monitored as a satellite patient. The doctor I saw said my lining was beautiful and that after seeing me through two transfers, she said “your body sure knows how to do this and everything looks beautiful”. Okay, maybe not the words I would choose to describe everything, but it all says that we are a “go”!

I am now waiting on the call from nurse Katie to confirm and receive my appt time and Estrace dosage from here on out.

Exciting times!!

**edited: 3:00 p.m. CST I heard from Nurse Katie and she said my lining was 14 and my estradiol was 1,631. So I start the PIO injections tomorrow and lower my Estrace to 2x a day. I will have my transfer time given to me over the weekend.


(Sarah playing in her water table)

This is amazing to see unfold. Our children especially have been affected by the graciousness, love, and  support of so many from far and wide. From a stranger who donated $5 this week, to a family hosting a yard sale, to the donations of items for us to sell on ebay, our children have seen God’s children pull together and minister to these little babies frozen in a warehouse in Minnesota waiting to be shipped to TN to meet us in a little less than 2 weeks!

We started April 1st needing $7,805 for the fees for the next transfer at the NEDC with our already adopted little ones through Snowflakes. We are $2,000 away from that goal. That is $5,800 in ONE month!

We are putting a few more things on ebay and going around the house looking for anything else we can sell. The Lord has been faithful to provide and we are excited to see this story continue to unfold! I was working with a seller on ebay and he called me a “tough cookie” at one point in the bargaining process. I said, “It’s for our babies! It’s all for our babies.”

Yard Sale #2 Total

As I mentioned in earlier posts, there was a family from our church who told us they would be hosting a yard sale in order to help us with our adoption. This family is amazing. They have a little 3 month old baby along with their other three kiddos at home. A busy momma she is, but still insisted on throwing a yard sale with her family to help bring our little babies home. The weather was once again wacky in out area bringing lots of wind and cold weather, but shoppers still came and they raised $398.50 for our adoption! That with a few more smaller ebay sales brings our total to $5,305. That means we need an even $2,500 left for the adoption. I am posting another $1,500 on ebay tonight and with less than 3 weeks to go, we are so very grateful to all who have loved these little ones by giving and so very hopeful for what the next few weeks will bring!

Estrace and I have a good relationship this time. I believe it is Senora Lupron that has it out for me bringing headaches as her souvenirs ; ) All for the babies though!

We have had choir performances over the weekend and today and we have piano recital tomorrow night. After that, we have 29 little chicks arriving and Rebecca is continuing to selling her little bunnies.

Here is a pic of one she has for sale. Cute huh?

Everything’s a Go

The appointment went well. I start Estrace tomorrow. Busy day, but feeling so excited!

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