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The Heat Is Rising!

I installed a thermometer in the right sidebar for you to follow as we move forward to reach our needed goal of $7,400 for this next transfer of our 4 little ones in May. We started at $0 over the weekend. In 3 days, we have raised $593. That is $100 since last night’s post y’all! : )

The Lord is blessing us and we are obedient to see this all the way through, even though we know we may never hold any of these babies this side of heaven. He is a gracious and loving God who loves and cares for these little ones. Yes, we pray He has chosen for us to raise more kiddos for Him, but we first and foremost trust His will and will follow as He leads.

There are so many frozen babies waiting to be adopted. Embryo Adoption is not for everyone. Adopting internationally isn’t for everyone either. Whether the child is waiting to be placed by a birthmother, the child is waiting in an orphanage across an ocean, or the child is waiting frozen in a tank in a warehouse, we as Christians are all called to care for these through prayer, support, or bringing them into our homes.

We were called to bring these precious 8 tiny babies into our home and so many of you have been faithful to pray and to give monetary assistance to bring these babies home. Thank you for being faithful to His Word.

May the Lord bless each of you!

 “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!” Psalm 115:1

Looking Ahead

Thank you for all of your kind comments in our last few posts. We have been blessed by family, church family, and friends who have grieved with us as we have mourned the loss of our 4 precious babies. As  I shared in our last post, we have 4 more little ones waiting in the freezer. The May cycle at the NEDC will be here sooner than we think, so we have been on the phone and communicating by email with everyone at the NEDC planning for our next cycle.

I had my final beta yesterday and the results showed that my hCG level was back to zero. So, now we wait for my next cycle to begin and I will be assigned my protocol for the next transfer. I talked to nurse Katie today and she said she may even have our transfer date ready by the end of next week!

When we adopted Sarah and her siblings as embryos we held a HUGE yard sale (see here and here for posts). We set a goal of $3,000 and the Lord brought the items and buyers and we met that goal! For this upcoming transfer, due to an additional cost we had not planned on and the fact that airfare is higher this trip for some reason, we will need $7,400 to return to the NEDC.

Yes, that seems like a large number, but did I ever share our final total for the first phase of this adoption? We needed over $13,000 during a time when Rhea had no work and we were living on savings. The Lord provided through many means over $11,000 for the adoption of these 8 little ones.

Monday, we set up a new expense page to calculate the cost for this 2nd transfer and as I shared it comes to $7,400. We have seen the Lord move in mighty ways through this current adoption and we looked at the $7,400 total and prayed and then got to work.

  • I listed a good number of items on eBay and am continuing to do so with items people have donated and items we found around the house. If you would like to look at our items, contact me and I will give you our eBay ID. 
  • We will be hosting a yard sale in 2 weeks and sent out requests for item donations.
  • We still have our coffee account up with Just Love Coffee Roasters.
  • We still have our grant fund set up with AdoptTogether (where donors will receive a tax deductible form for their taxes)
  • We are thinking through some more ideas to quickly get going.
Now, since just this past weekend, look at what the Lord has blessed our family with:
  • close to $200 in eBay sales.
  • Several families calling today to say they have furniture, household, and many other items for the yard sale. Two of the calls were from families in the area who are moving and want us to come get all the stuff they do not want to move. 
  • We received a check for $15 from Just Love Coffee Roasters for the profits on a sale of coffee that was placed.
  • We received an anonymous $200 donation to our AdoptTogether grant fund just today.
So, in just a few days, we already have $415 and a yard sale inventory that is growing and growing! 
 “But as it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him’ ” I Cor. 1:9 
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