We Have our Protocol for May

We were emailed our next FET date and my protocol for the med schedule for April/May. Our assigned date for our FET is May 19th. Yes, that is a Sunday. Rhea and I had many thoughts run through our head about the FET being on a Sunday. I remember that Katie, our nurse, told me that FET week for May was Wed. 5/15 – Tues. 5/21, but we didn’t think Sunday would be a transfer day?

Getting my protocol for the meds did make butterflies flutter in my stomach. Our FET is 5 weeks away? Really? I won’t bore you with the list of truly “must-do”s that must happen in the next few weeks. Throw in Dustin’s 18th birthday, Rebecca’s 13th, a couple of choir concerts, a piano recital, and 2 business trips for Rhea and I have a feeling that the next 5 weeks will fly right on by!

So, May 19th it is! We are all very excited : )

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  • Woohoo! Hope you got the Estrace I sent to you!

    • I did! It came on Friday or Saturday. I was in the middle of doing yard sale transactions when one of the kiddos brought me the mail. There was your package. My kiddo thought it was another one of my ebay purchases! lol! Estrace on ebay? Thanks for sending it my way. That is a blessing indeed!! At $230 per refill, each one of those little blue pills is quite costly! Thanks again friend!

  • May 19th will be an exciting day for both of our families, seeing as my sister and her fiance’s wedding is the same day! 🙂

  • Exciting. I think we are settling on sept for our next try. We have a disney trip in june that has been planned for a long time with extended family. I cant believe it is only 5 weeks away. How did your call with Dr K go? Sept is a 6 day transfer cycle too because they do fresh cycles at the same time

    • Well September it is! I will be praying for you! I still haven’t had my call with Dr. K. I missed his call as he was running late and I was in yard sale mode that day. I need to reschedule. Thank you for staying in touch!!

  • Excellent! Excited to see your fundraising $ grow! I love the thermometer so I stole it for my blog! Ha! Like I said you are the adoption fundraising queen! Praying for those last few thousands to come in quickly!

    • YOu are an ebay queen yourself. I have seen you go too with your fundraising! Us momma bears fight for our little cubs huh? AND you TOTALLY inspire me with your fitness level and perseverance and endurance to achieve your health goals! truly I mean that!Thank you for the encouragement! love you!!

  • Oh so exciting!! We will be in Knoxville for our mock transfer around that time too! How many days will you be Knoxville? Our appointment is 5/22, but we will be arriving on 5/20.

  • must feel good to be back in the saddle again. ; )

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