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We had a great family day at our church picnic today. The weather was gorgeous here in our part of Texas. In fact, it was a bit on the warm side in the mid 80’s with a bit of humidity. Then…we came home…

It was raining when we pulled into the driveway. We ran for it and as we all sat down to play a game of Farkle, the storm seemed to let up. It was quiet for a bit and then the hail came. I have been in an occasional hailstorm here and there, but nothing ever like this. Rhea’s truck took the biggest hit and we will be calling the insurance company on Monday. The Suburban has lighter damage. We will need to get a roof inspection just to be sure all is well overhead. Of course the littles thought the hailstorm was super “cool” and loved watching out the door to see it all fall. They liked holding the ice in their hands and watching it melt. The boys put helmets on and covered their backs to go shoo the chickens that didn’t get into the henhouse in time.

After the hail let up, it rained hard for about another hour. We saw that in parts of Houston there was severe flooding. It was one crazy storm!

On the EA front, I am on Lupron and Baby Aspirin (low dose aspirin) only now until Wednesday. If my u/s looks good, I will begin Estrace. We have some sweet friends who are hosting a yard sale for us this Thursday and Friday. We have Rhea’s parents coming this week and the kids have their year end choir concerts this weekend. Levi & Rebecca are practicing for their piano recital the following week and Dustin takes his driver’s test to get his “real” driver’s license on Tuesday afternoon. Another busy week at the Robison house! : )

Birthdays, Dr. K appt., & Lupron

Dustin and Rebecca were born on the same day and this week we celebrated Dustin’s 18th and Rebecca’s 13th! We had a fun family day all together.

Dr. K and I finally had my follow up phone visit and it went very well. We agreed on a couple of concerns I had and we are all set to come for our 5/21 transfer. I started Lupron this week and stop the OCPs tomorrow. My first U/S & labs are on May 1st. If all is clear, I will start Estrace that day. We still have some fundraising to do and will be posting more things to ebay this week. Good thing, because the NEDC office emailed today that they are ready for our FET payment by next Wednesday!

Our ebay Store!

Here is a link to our ebay store for you to browse or share with others. Some items are from our home or Rhea’s A/V business. Other items were donated for us to sell. Thank you for taking a peek!

Here is a pic of our sweet little Sarah on Friday morning at our Yard Sale.

New Protocol–Slight Change

Well, we made a change. Our new transfer day is now Tuesday, May 21st. We will leave Houston on the 20th and will return on the 23rd. I have so many details to attend to. I will update soon and yes, I will have pictures!

We Have our Protocol for May

We were emailed our next FET date and my protocol for the med schedule for April/May. Our assigned date for our FET is May 19th. Yes, that is a Sunday. Rhea and I had many thoughts run through our head about the FET being on a Sunday. I remember that Katie, our nurse, told me that FET week for May was Wed. 5/15 – Tues. 5/21, but we didn’t think Sunday would be a transfer day?

Getting my protocol for the meds did make butterflies flutter in my stomach. Our FET is 5 weeks away? Really? I won’t bore you with the list of truly “must-do”s that must happen in the next few weeks. Throw in Dustin’s 18th birthday, Rebecca’s 13th, a couple of choir concerts, a piano recital, and 2 business trips for Rhea and I have a feeling that the next 5 weeks will fly right on by!

So, May 19th it is! We are all very excited : )

Final Total

I cannot keep my eyes open, but I wanted to post the final weekend total for our Yard Sale. The total for both days was $1,505. This brings our total so far to $4,265! Our Lord is truly gracious!

We only have $3,135 to go!

Yard Sale Day 1 Totals

Today would not have been possible without some amazing people in our lives. Thank you to everyone who came over today to help set up, sell, haul furniture around, reorganize, clean up, bring dinner, and help us gather things last minute today to sell tomorrow. All of you know who you are and we truly appreciate your love for us and these little babies. I have a dear family friend who took lots of photos of the sale today and she will be uploading the photos to share with me. I will post all of those in a couple of days so you can see our sale in progress.

We had beautiful weather and a great turn out of shoppers. At the days end, we raised $1,126! That brings our new total to $3,886. We just passed the 1/2 mark!

Rain Delay and Missed Call

Well today was pretty much a wash! The rain continued until mid morning, so we chose to not have the sale today and use today as an organizational day. I will take pics after it is all set up tomorrow morning. We have a few families coming to help in the morning until about lunch time.

All of the kids have worked so very hard. The boys went and made multiple runs with Rhea in the trailer picking up loads of donated items. The boys hauled stuff, set up stuff, and now are sleeping outside “guarding” all of the donations. Rebecca has been amazing helping price and care for the littles. Elizabeth is a huge help. If she isn’t helping with Sarah, she is getting drinks, carrying boxes and helping keep things picked up. She always has a smile to share, especially as we grow weary.

As I was busily working today, I missed the call from Dr. K for our phone consult. I was ready on time, but he was running a bit late and when he did call, I didn’t hear my cell ring in my pocket when I was outside. So, I emailed the office to reschedule.

So, today was a wash of sorts as both “big” things for the day were postponed. We are grateful for the Lord’s timing in everything and we look forward to the big sale tomorrow and Saturday and my rescheduled Dr. K appt. very soon.

Our goal for the weekend sale is $3,000. I will post tomorrow evening with an update!

Tomorrow is Day 1 & Follow Up with Dr. K

Yard Sale Day 1 is tomorrow. Houston is having a VERY unusual cold snap for April. It will be 39 degrees tonight! We are usually in the 60’s for lows this time of year.
There at least will be sunshine instead of the rain we had all day today. It will be 46 in the morning. We will need to sell hot cocoa instead of iced down water bottles! lol!

Praying the shoppers still come. There is always Friday and Saturday if not ; )
Did you see our thermometer total today? With grant donations and eBay sales, we are now at $2,560!!

I will have kiddos take pics tomorrow at the sale. I’ll post tomorrow night with the Day 1 total!

Oh yes, I have my phone follow up appt. with Dr. K tomorrow. Busy day most definitely!!

Yard Sale Week Is Here

This will be one very busy week for our house! Today Rhea and the boys will leave late afternoon to go make pick-ups from 5-6  different homes to collect the furniture donations for the Yard Sale this week. We have previously scheduled appointments today and Wednesday. That leaves tomorrow to really get to sorting and pricing. It is supposed to rain most of the day on Wednesday, so truly, tomorrow is our pricing and sorting day. If you are reading this and live in our area we could definitely use some assistance with pricing items & sorting and hanging clothing on Tuesday/Wednesday. If you have the time to come help us Thursday or Friday during the sale, it would be most helpful.

We look forward to the coming week even with its busyness!! : )

Over the weekend, more eBay items sold and were packed and shipped. Our thermometer total is rising! We are now at $1,648! That means $5,752 to go : )

I will take some pics of our sorting and pricing time with our “little” helpers as we begin to dig into the clothes bags this evening. It’s about time I get some pics posted 😉

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