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First U/S and Blood Work Appt.–Check.

(this print was hanging on the wall of the ultrasound room at the RE’s office today. Look at all those beautiful babies! Don’t you love this?) 

Alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. Seriously? Yes, well, it did and I got up. I left the house at 6:45 to make it to the local RE’s office for a 7:30 appt. arriving early for new patient paperwork.
I arrived on time, filled out my paperwork of 2 sheets of the standard “clerical” forms and then waited to be called back to get my blood work. I was brought to the back, blood was drawn, I was shown the bathroom so I could empty my bladder and then I was told to go to the ultrasound room where the doctor would meet me.

After a few minutes she came in, introduced herself and then did the ultrasound. She then said everything looked great and left. I say all of that because this office charged $250 for a first patient visit, $200 for the u/s and $100 for the blood draw. $250? really? I had already asked on the phone when setting my appointment if they would please give us a discount since we were self pay as I really wasn’t coming for an exam/evaluation. I was turned down.

Today, as I was standing at the reception desk pulling my debit card out of my wallet after being told my total for the day was $550, I decided to ask again for a discount. I very kindly explained about our EA and that anything they could do would be a blessing to us. I was asked to wait in the waiting room while the office manager was consulted about the situation. I sat and prayed that the Lord would grant favor in this situation. I prayed that we wanted to be good stewards of the gifts that were brought to us by so many to fund this adoption. I knew that even if the answer was again, “no”, I had tried my best.

A few minutes later, I was called back to the reception desk. The same office manager who had said firmly, “no.” a few weeks ago, decided to give us $50 off our visit today! Praise the Lord!

A short while ago, My wonderful nurse Katie from the NEDC called to tell me my lining measured 5.4 which was in range as they are looking for a number below 6.0. My estradiol level was 15 and it was way below whatever number she said it needed to be below. So, we passed! I start Estrace tomorrow : )
My next u/s & blood work is 3/15 and then we leave for NEDC 3/19.

Lupron Only…

My iCal popped up a reminder that tomorrow is my last OCP dose. That means that I will only have my Lupron injection to do all week. I have an ultrasound and blood work scheduled for Friday morning  with a local RE and then if all looks good, I will start Estrace (sorry I haven’t missed you little blue pill). For a week though, I just have one thing on my chart of “Meds to do”!

Elizabeth has been asking since I started Lupron if she could watch me “Do a shot”. I said sure and she thought it was okay, but kept asking, “Doesn’t that hurt Mommy?” Of all times for me to do an injection where the plunger was sticking and wouldn’t go!  I had to give some pressure to it and it finally dispensed.  She then asked questions about the babies and why we couldn’t see them yet and why I had to do shots for the babies. I love how she wants to learn and understand. Adults should slow down sometimes (including myself) to “understand” what the people we love are going through.

I had a little bleeding after this injection. She asked if she could “clean that up” for me. She then gave me a hug and offered me one of her Hello Kitty band-aids. I told her it would be okay.

I know it involved my injection, but it was a sweet time with her. She is so caring and loves these little babies so much.

Now Rhea? He was nowhere to be found. He cannot STAND needles. Yes, I will be doing PIO shots all by myself once again. Anything for the babies I always say! : )

I Forgot the Lupron Burn!

Day 1 of Lupron is finished! I forgot how Lupron had a slight after burn & sting that lasted for about 10-15 minutes. The things our Mommy brains forget 😉

1 month until we leave for the FET!

We booked the plane tickets, reserved the rental car, and booked our hotel room for the upcoming trip back to Knoxville. In the meantime, I am busy with the spring semester of homeschool for all of the kiddos underway.

Tomorrow: kiddo updates.

Here are a couple of Rebecca’s bunnies she has for sale. Aren’t they cute??

Protocol and Lupron

For those who have been through EA, you know how mind boggling and confusing the medication protocol is to digest. After taking all of the medications, doses, change in doses, start stop dates, ultrasound appointments, blood tests, and putting them on a blank calendar so I could literally “check” off when I completed a dose of whichever medication, I looked at the February calendar. I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw when my first Lupron injection was. Not because I am nervous about shots, but I can’t believe we are getting so close to our transfer. When you start injections for EA, you know you are almost there. So guess what? I start Lupron….ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!

Butterflies I tell you! I am so excited over here! Am I happy dancing I am going to be poking my belly with that Lupron needle? You betcha. Uh, but don’t be looking for a happy dance post in mid-March when I have to start PIO (Progesterone shots) in my buttocks with a meat thermometer giant needle. 😉

One more week until Lupron my friends!!

The Most Recent Donation

Okay, I did leave y’all hanging, but not meaning to, really.

Rhea and I were going over our finances for the adoption a couple of weeks ago. We went over everything several times and we still came up with the same numbers. We were just shy of needing $5,000 to finalize everything from remaining agency fees,  travel to Knoxville for the FET, the NEDC fees for the FET, medications, ultrasounds, and blood work.

We knew we had the funds to go for our first trip to the NEDC for our Mock Transfer. Rhea decided that we would make that trip and if we didn’t have the funds for the FET, we would have to reschedule for May. Upon our return from our trip this past week, I realized it was time to send in our grant request from AdoptTogether. We requested a grant for $3,000.00. This was the amount remaining that we owed our agency in order to finalize and release our little ones to be shipped to the NEDC from ReproTech where they are living currently.

As I was filling out the form, I saw where AdoptTogether needed a statement/invoice from our agency. I emailed our agency and requested one. I was at that time informed that Rhea and I had been granted a  scholarship from the Babushka Fund. This is a scholarship fund that is funded my donors to assist families adopting special needs or hard to place children. We did not apply for this scholarship or even inquire about it since our agency had already been so gracious to work payments out with us.

So, let me tell you, when Rhea & I saw the amount of the scholarship, I cried. Rhea was speechless. We were both in shock. I crumbled like a cookie. I was humbled once again at our Lord’s perfect provision as we look forward. What amazing documentations of the Lord’s provision we have to record in our precious ones’ baby book. They will see how much they are loved by their Creator. Rhea and I shared the information with the other kiddos during family worship that evening. All of their mouths dropped open. Yes, even Elizabeth’s who is just five years old. She knows a big number when she hears it. Nightlight Christian Adoptions awarded us a $2,000 scholarship.

Now may the God of peace himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it. 

1 Thess. 5:22; 23 ESV

40 Days

Today marks 40 days from our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) with our newly adopted babies. I have followers who are all to familiar with EA who are familiar with the medication protocol leading up to transfer day, but there are others who are in the beginning stages of their EA journey who do not know a thing of what it entails. We have other followers who are friends who have reached out to us wanting to understand and learn more about “What happens next now that you have a set date for your FET?” Then there is just the plain fact that I have already found my self looking back at my archives for information about our last FET to share with Dr. K. So, I will share our protocol, and as we get closer, answer some of those questions we have been asked, “Will they transfer all 8?”, & “What is the procedure like?”

For now, I will share where we are presently. My last appt was to check several things. One of the main things Dr. K is looking for is a good thick uterine lining. I was on CD21 and he was pleased with my 13mm measurement. He had me on estrogen supplements leading up to that appointment to “ramp” up things in my body. 
I am still on the estrogen (Estrace), though he is weaning me off, while adding in progesterone (Prometrium) to switch gears and encourage my cycle to start. In order to be on schedule for this FET on 3/20, I need to start my cycle tomorrow (Sunday 2/9), but I probably won’t start until Monday or Tuesday. The nurse emailed me yesterday and said I “should be fine”. Can’t say I have ever “wanted” my cycle to show up except the month before our FETs : )
Once my cycle starts, I begin OCPs (ovulation predictor pills). These are given so that the doctor can completely control my cycle day by day. Basically when we get to FET day, the hormones and meds will have “convinced” and set up my body to believe that it is at 5-6 days past fertilization. So, imagine in a woman’s body the sperm travels and meets the egg in the fallopian tube. The fertilized egg travels down to enter the uterus. On day 5-6, the fertilized egg, which is now an embryo, a very tiny baby, is looking for a place to attach in the uterine lining to hatch and continue growing. This is the situation where we need my body to be. Except in my case, the doctor will place the the tiny babies in my uterine lining through a straw guided by ultrasound. 
So for now, I am on estrogen and progesterone and waiting. My BIG box of meds (including injectables), will arrive this week and as each of those meds are added, I will explain those. Now I am off to make lists of things to do before we leave in March and book airline tickets. I will be preparing as if I will be down hard with morning sickness in April, so I need to get some meals in the freezer and lesson plans put together, oh and plan Rebecca’s 13th and Dustin’s 18th birthdays which also fall in April. : )
Next post: Our financial surprise… (get ready…it’s a biggy)

Now We Have a Set Date!

Our FET is scheduled for March 20th at the NEDC. I will be receiving my full medication protocol on Monday and the big box of meds arrives on Tuesday. This is happening so fast, but it is so exciting. I have a lot of planning to do, meals to get in the freezer and lesson plans to do. Oh yes, and plane tickets to buy! EEK! We are getting close. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, the NEDC had 11/15 FETs result in pregnancies for January! That is a 73% pregnancy rate according to their FB page. And of that 73%, we know that Tracey is PG with twins and those twins happen to be the genetic siblings of Aaron & Jennifer’s EA twins!

A March FET It Is!

We arrived home late last night. The NEDC and staff are as wonderful as everyone says they are! Seriously!
I will give more details later, but we are a go for a March transfer. We will have our actual date on Friday. In the meantime, I have Rx to pick up locally that I need to start today, a call to the mail order Rx company, medical records release form to fax, a follow up email to a grant we applied for and an return email to send to the nurse at the NEDC.

Busy day! So excited to be moving forward : )

We are in Knoxville!

We are here 🙂
Rhea and I had a wonderful leisurely dinner together. Tomorrow we are to be at the NEDC by 8:30 a.m.  It’s mock transfer time 🙂
After the appt, we will eat lunch and head to the airport to start the journey back to Texas.

Leaving Today!

We are leaving at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow to catch our flight to Knoxville. Our appt. at the NEDC and with Dr. K is Wednesday morning. I still have to pack and finish up the lists for the family watching our kiddos. We will get back very late Wednesday night. We are all so very excited! : ) Thank you for praying for us and our children and our friends who will be watching our kiddos.

I’ll be updating soon…

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