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Fundraiser Blessings

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our kiddos enjoyed seeing cousins earlier in the week and then had fun spending time with their grandparents the rest of the week. We had the traditional fare and believe it or not…we actually served and ate pumpkin bread and enjoyed it! You think after baking so many loaves we would be tired of seeing the stuff, but we didn’t eat any of the yummy goodness until all orders were prepared and delivered to each family.

For those who have undergone fundraising efforts for their adoption process, they will tell you that fundraising is hard work! Our family knows that the Lord called us to adopt these little ones. We know He will provide the finances to see these babies into our family. However, to sit back and “wait” for the money to drop from heaven is not being a good steward of our time. So, sometimes the efforts we, as adoptive families, put into fundraising will bring large sums and other times small sums. Our family has been on both sides. What we share with our children is that we trust that the Lord will provide what is needed in His timing alone. If we only raise $50 or $100 that does not equal a “failure” in fundraising. It is just the perfect amount the Lord intended and we add it joyfully to the adoption jar. The Lord will provide and when we truly trust in that, the efforts we put into fundraising become a joyful process and our hearts are not anxious as we diligently move forward blessed that we were chosen to care for these precious unborn babies.

Currently, we are gathering beautiful & fun items for our online auction that will launch next week. Right now though, we want to share with you how the Lord was gracious to us through church family, friends, and even strangers to provide for our unborn babies who are frozen in a tank in another state. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Pumpkin Bread:
61 loaves baked, 56 sold and delivered.
Total donated: $1,232
Total for supplies: $205
Total Pumpkin Bread profit: $1,027

Pampered Chef:
25% of total sales donated by PChef to our adoption agency: $150
free product earned: $100 (this amount we used for Christmas gifts and we were able to move $100 of our Christmas budget money into the adoption fund)
Total Pampered Chef profit: $250

AdoptTogether Grant Fund:
donated during the past 2 weeks: $25

Just Love Coffee Roasters:
Sales during last 2 weeks: $170.20
Total profit earned: $44

ebay Sales:
profits for last 2 weeks: $107

Other donations:
cash: $25

So, our grand total for the two week fundraising effort is…


See how all the little things add up?
Thank you again everyone!

Our coffee fundraiser continues. We earn $5 for every bag sold. Please click HERE to shop. Those who have purchased have sent me rave reviews about how great it tastes and these reviews come from particular coffee connoisseurs ; )

Also, if you would prefer to receive a record of your donation sent to you for tax purposes, AdoptTogether will mail you one. Click HERE to adopt to our personal grant fund.

$50 Giveaway Winner

We sold over 60 loaves of pumpkin bread! I have 3 more deliveries to make today and then I will post our fundraising totals this evening. In the meantime, let’s announce the $50 gift card winner okay?

So many of you helped spread the word about our fundraisers and I tell you what the Lord used your efforts! We had strangers order coffee, pumpkin bread, and place Pampered Chef orders. Thank you for taking the few minutes to share with others about our fundraisers. We hope that those who are new to following our journey through this will continue to travel with us as we continue this adoption journey.

Oh, and we will be announcing 2 very FUN fundraisers in a week or two.

Using, we entered the total number of entries we had, clicked the button and VOILA! we had a winner. We checked our list where we assigned everyone their numbers based on the number of entries they earned and after looking and matching we saw that the winner was…….

Lindy Fehr! 

Congratulations Lindy. You can email me which gift card you would like and then where you would like me to send it.

Thank you again to all who helped get the word out!

Last Day to Order Pampered Chef–We Earn 25%!

Yes, I am still baking with the kiddos! It has been so much fun all working together. Even little Sarah reminds us to pause to rest a bit and read a book or two to her 😉

I extended the Pampered Chef party to help a few people who wanted to get an order in. We earn 25% of our total party sales for the adoption fund. Right now we have earned close to $100! Thanks everyone : )

Here is the link to do a little bit of shopping today and into tonight. 

Oh, and 2 beautiful people booked online shows through my show. So guess what?? Pampered Chef will be giving 10% of each of their shows to our adoption fund! Isn’t that wonderful! I’m telling you, the little amounts add up fast as the Lord continues to provide to bring these babies home!

It’s getting chillier outside…need some coffee to warm you up?
I have reviews coming soon from people you know who have ordered already. Here is our link: CLICK HERE FOR YUMMY COFFEE

Love you guys!

p.s. The $50 gift card giveaway winner will be announced here and on FB Sunday night/Monday morning.

Extended: Pampered Chef Party + Pumpkin Bread Update

Our Pampered Chef Party has been extended a few more days! You have now until Saturday, November 17th to think about a few Christmas goodies and gifts you might want to get for you or that special relative or friend.

You can have your order drop shipped to your home for just a few dollars more.


25% of your order amount goes straight to our adoption fund! 

CLICK HERE to go to our online party.

Here is our first order ready to ship. PM me on Facebook or email us and we can get you an order baked and shipped in time for Thanksgiving. This makes a great gift too!

The girls and I need to get back to baking so the shipping crew (the boys) will have more boxes to fill!

oh and don’t forget to order coffee to go with our scrumptious pumpkin bread: )
 $5 a bag goes straight to our adoption fund!

and share this post and earn an entry in our $50 gift card giveaway! LMK if and where you share : )

Love you guys!!

The Baking Has Begun!

The kitchen is super-duper clean, the supplies are ready and on the counter, apron strings are tied, the baby is down for her afternoon nap, and Rebecca, Elizabeth, and I are getting after it! Our home is about to smell heavenly. We have beautiful music playing and I look forward to this time with my daughters to bake and laugh together. I am sure there will be a loaf or two that will be a flop and will be tossed to the dog (or teenage boys), but we are ready to prepare yummies for all of the friends who have graciously ordered pumpkin bread from us!

I’ll have the boys take pictures and I’ll post some soon!

4 More Days for Our Fundraisers! Look at the Totals So Far!

Pumpkin Bread Orders: 16 loaves (approx. $5 per loaf goes to the adoption fund)

Total donations earned from Pampered Chef Sales: $40

Total given to the AdoptTogether Grant fund: $0

Total donations earned from Just Love Coffee: $10

Grand Total amount raised so far for the adoption fund: $286!
Looking ahead….3 things will end this Thursday, November 15th.
Thursday 11/15 will be the last day to turn in orders for our Pampered Chef Party. So look at your Christmas list and get some people checked off by following the above link!

Also, this Thursday is the last day to turn in pumpkin bread orders and also the last day to earn an entry in our $50 gift card giveaway. See this post for details. 

Our Just Love Coffee fundraiser and the AdoptTogether Grant fund will be on going, so keep coffee and mugs and such in mind for Christmas gifts!

Leave a comment on our FB page or on our blog if you share. 

Thank you everyone for helping us step closer to adopting our babies! 

Day 5 Totals –Keep Sharing– Thank you!

Pumpkin Bread Orders: 10 loaves (approx. $5 per loaf goes to the adoption fund)

Total donations earned from Pampered Chef Sales: $20

Total given to the AdoptTogether Grant fund: $0

Total donations earned from Just Love Coffee: $10

Grand Total amount raised so far for the adoption fund: $80 : )

Looking ahead….2 things will end next Thursday, November 15th.

Thursday 11/15 will be the last day to turn in orders for our Pampered Chef Party.

Also, next Thursday is the last day to earn an entry in our $50 gift card giveaway. See this post for details. 

Our Just Love Coffee fundraiser and the AdoptTogether Grant fund will be on going, so keep coffee and mugs and such in mind for Christmas gifts!

Leave a comment on our FB page or on our blog if you share. 

Thank you everyone for helping us step closer to adopting our babies! 

Fundraiser Update & Contracts & NEDC

Update on our fundraisers (day 3):

Current orders:

Pumpkin Bread: 4 loaves

Pampered Chef: -0-

Just Love Coffee: -0-

AdoptTogether donations: -0-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

And a Surprise: 

A donation of a beautiful gold bracelet for a future fundraiser:

Thank you so very much Cara!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Adoption Update:
Our agency has received signed contracts from the genetic parents. Our contract is signed and in the mail to the adoption agency. Our official patient packet arrived from the NEDC this week. 12 weeks until we are on a plane to the NEDC for our first of 2 appointments
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Those of you who are letting me know you are sharing our fundraiser post each day, I am keeping a tally of each time you share with others. Thank you for spreading the word. Here is a direct link to our fundraiser post & information on how to win a $50 gift card. Keep sharing until November 15th!

Our Adoption Fundraisers & a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

Happy Fall Y’all! We are in the process of adopting again domestically through embryo adoption and have been chosen by a family to adopt their babies. 

We adopted Sarah and her biological siblings in 2010 through embryo adoption. The adoption is close to being finalized and we are raising money for our agency fees, travel, and medical expenses. Our total adoption costs will be about $15,000. We have organized several ways in which you can help us reach our goal & will be giving away a $50 gift card for just helping spread the word about our fundraising efforts!

  • Participate in our Pampered Chef online party. Orders are being taken online now. If you live locally, the items will be shipped to our home and we will meet you or deliver to you. You can also have your order shipped to your home! My Pampered Chef consultant will donate 20-30% of our total sales to go toward our agency fees. Please use this link to shop and order. Orders are due no later than November 15

  • We are baking delicious Pumpkin Bread to be delivered Thanksgiving Week to you, your family, friends, or neighbors. Each loaf will be beautifully wrapped and can even be shipped to arrive for Thanksgiving Day. We will only charge exact shipping charges to you. Each fresh and scrumptious loaf is $7.00  Email us at for more information or to place your order. 

  • Just Love Coffee Roasters is a family run business who generously give profits   from their sales to adopting families. They have a wide selection of coffees including   organic roasts and gift packs and fun accessories. As an example, we will be given $5-$7 for each bag of coffee sold and $19 for each gift pack sold. Here is our personalized link to our “coffee store”.  

  • We were accepted to the AdoptTogether grant program! This is a place where those who would like to donate to our adoption fund may do so through our profile page on the AdoptTogether website. Use this link to visit our page. All donations are tax deductible and a year end statement will be mailed to you from AdoptTogether at the end of the year. Even if just one dollar is donated, it will make a huge difference to our adoption efforts. 

Finally, we will be hosting a giveway! All you have to do is help spread the word about our fundraisers. Share our information on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, or printing and handing out to others. Each time you forward our information or link to this you will receive an entry in the free drawing of a $50 gift card to your choice of Home Depot, Lowe’s or Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic. Share it every day in every way and you will earn multiple entries a day! Once you share for the day, leave a comment on our blog, post to our Facebook page “Room For More” or email us at The last day to earn an entry is November 15. Winner to be announced on November 17! 

Thank you for your support, your prayers, and spreading the word. Each and every dollar helps.  

“Like” our Facebook Page to follow and link:

Follow us on Twitter: Room_For_More

You can also click the icons below to share this post. 


With My $30 Amazon Gift Card I Bought…

Books!   Well, is that any surprise to y’all? ; )

A few weeks back I was the recipient of a gift card for a giveaway hosted by Ashley to help promote and spread the word of a group of families who were fundraising for their adoption. I thought I would share with you the books I purchased with my $30 blessing!

First up is:

The Life of God in the Soul of the Church: The Root and Fruit of Spiritual Fellowship by Thabiti Anyabwile  

Our family saw Thabiti Anyabwile, Michael Horton, and Voddie Baucham speak this past weekend at the Semper Reformanda Conference in Houston. You can still see each of the keynote talks on video streaming for the next week or two here. Do not miss the panel discussion. Watch that one first and then go through the sessions from there. You will be blessed.

Next book I added to my shelf: 

Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ by Russell D. Moore

One of my very favorite books is Adopted for Life by Russell Moore. I look forward to reading this author’s latest publication.

Finally, a book I saw advertised in TableTalk magazine/devotional this month:

The Call to Wonder: Loving God Like a Child by R.C. Sproul, Jr.

Once the cool weather returns, I see myself with a cup of tea in the chair by the fireplace reading one of these three books. I know Kindles and Nooks and iPads are great for books, but I still like to feel the paper pages as I turn. Swiping a screen just isn’t the same : )
Thank you again Ashley!

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